Saturday, February 28, 2015

Back Strengthening Exercise For Seniors

Good Morning,
20 degrees outside, the snow is about gone, cloudy and gray; winter in February. Some folks in other states are seeing the first signs of Spring. I think next week our temperatures will go up like Spring and the warm rains will fall.
I noticed that when I walk now there is no shock absorbing in my back; apparently I have pulled all the muscles and their ability to help my body cushion the normal jolt of my steps.

I just mopped the kitchen floor; I am keeping the litter box cleared every morning. We also have one of those green trays that takes care of the urine. Most of the cats use one cat litter box or the other, some cats use our home.

Friday, February 27, 2015

I am just sitting on my Ass

Good Morning,
We had a dusting of snow this morning. Not expected but it is OK because we do not have to do anything today. Yesterday we got our new key from the dealer. So the moment I am just vegging out and not doing a thing.
I guess I better get up and do something.
Kentucky Fracking:

If they fracked in Kentucky my home would sink 100 feet
and our adjoining county would blow sky high
(coal mine methane).

Build Your Own

When I was in the Navy I ordered a Amplifier kit from Radio Shack in 1962

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Melting Snow

Good Morning,
The snow is melting, a good deal of it is gone to the streams and underground springs. It is 20 degrees outside this morning and the environment here will warm up today nicely. I think the weatherman is saying our temperature will reach 33 degrees today.
I feel better today. Mom was up most of the night on her computer in her computer room. I want to rest today but I have clothes and bedding to wash. Right now I will relax; I am not sure why a nights sleep is not relaxing?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bite Byte

Good Afternoon,
We went to Paducah for my dentist appointment for an adjustment; it went well. I went from having two spots that really irritated me a lot to a whole mouth feeling uncomfortable. I can deal with the whole mouth uncomfortable, as my body will adjust.
We also went to the car dealer to get a new key; when it arrives they will compute it to my vehicle and make sure it works then we will let the valet folks pay for it.

no money from the government

Good Morning,
Tough; life was hard yesterday, I went to the store and got groceries and carrying them was hard on me. Life for me yesterday? It hurt. But Laurel hurts worse (back and knee). I know we will get over this but it is hard and harder on her. One step forward and two back.
There are folks here in town that are really in bad shape.
I listened to the news in Paducah that the housing projects have no one to shovel the snow for old folks living in those housing projects. (no money from the government).

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ho Hum

Good Morning,
It was cold yesterday. Mom had doctors appointment in Nashville at 2:30 PM. Because of the cold mom did not want to go. I had gone out yesterday to pay our water bill and the roads were great. It was cold but the roads were very good. So when I came home I told Laurel to get ready (remember she wanted to cancel the appointment). Anyway we went and she was not in the mood to be on the road, even though they were clear. When we stopped for pit stops the wind was biting and she told me and I felt it. We left early and that was good because when we got to Nashville, the traffic stopped to slower than one step forward and two steps back. We just got to our appointment on time.
Mom got a knee brace with hinges and a shot in the knee. While in the building after the appointment we visited her back doctor two floors above her knee doctor.
We had used valet parking that was close to her knee doctor and when we left the building I presented my ticket to the attendant; an hour later we had no car (van) I asked and Laurel asked and there was a van that was ours but someone had lost our car key. I had a key so they went and got our van and Laurel was fuming. We filled out an incident report but we never got our spare key. Hopefully someone will find it and send it to us, if not we will make one and they will have to pay for it.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Good Morning,
The 1st thing I heard on TV this morning was? "You have to be a Christian to be a Republican". Now that is different from our 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution.
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
Sometimes people are not thinking at 5:00 AM

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Comforts of Home

Good Morning,
We have a chilly morning of 25 degrees up front and 28 degrees outback; We have cats indoors and they do not want to go out. The comforts of home; society is traning our comfort companions to live indoors and we will do anything to make mans best friend, "Home Friendly". After all we are domesticated just look what we did for the fiery man with the club.
Just look overseas and we can see our former selves.
The different faces of man
Our cat Dolly is relaxing at home.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Large X

Good Morning,
A little over 32 degrees and rain and earlier freezing rain; things outside do look shiny but I stepped out on the stoop and it felt fine: but the rain is showing us the ice under the water. I am not sure what will happen later today.
The weather does not seem to be a problem today; last night it was freezing rain and this morning it is rain.
A friend and I went out to the lake to catch some fish, we rented a boat and out on the lake we went. Things were slow at first but after awhile we caught our limit of big fish. Wow!
When the day ended he put a large X on the side of the boat to remember the spot where we caught the fish.
I said to him, "That won't work?!"
He says, "And why not?"
And I said, " Because we may not get the same boat when we come back tomorrow?!"

Friday, February 20, 2015

Steak and Eggs

Good Morning,
I posted about the Lock and Dam work at lock 50 and 52 on Facebook yesterday and this morning. It was about working on the water in sub zero weather. It zapps the energy right out of you so you have no problem having steak and eggs for breakfast and steak and eggs at bedtime.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cold ,Very Cold

Good Morning,

I am not sure how cold it is on the stoop but the back deck thermometer said seven below zero.
Our cat Dolly is pissed off because she has lost her choice of staying in or going out. She loves being outside but today it is very dangerous for her outside without shelter. So she is stuck with us indoors.
It has warmed up some but the wind is still blowing.

I dug Laurel's van out of the snow. 
There was over two foot of snow on her van's hood.
 I had to use the snow shovel to move that snow.
13 degrees;
the sunshine has melted the sheet of ice 
covering the van's windshield. 
The windows are clear of ice.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I have my own point of view about health

I have my own point of view about health. I use my brain, doctor and common sense plus the fact that I am blessed with a strong heart (worn out back and ankles) and a pleasant mind. 
I know I stand on the planet Earth. I know that our army protects my way of living, I know that where I live folks can shoot the eyes out of a squirrel and no monster will even come close to our environment. So I use all the knowledge known to man (the Internet really helps) to help myself. I do not need a doctor but they can help, I do not need a perscription but they can help, I do not need a religious leader but they can help, I do not need a friend but they can help. I am normal in Kentucky with a great family.

19F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph

Good Morning,
16 degrees this morning and they are calling for a really cold tomorrow morning (record breaking).
We had snow overnight, it looks to be about one half an inch of snow on our stoop; it will not melt off and I thought about shoveling it; I think the wind is going to move it to Nebraska.
Laurel is sleeping. There is no rest for her body as it heals. She fights and cries, she is strong.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Blower Older Photos and 2 New Photos

 2015: This is what I had to move today.
  2010: Above photo five years old
  2010: Above photo five years old
  2010: Above photo five years old
 2010:  Above photo five years old
  2010: Above photo five years old
 2010: Above photo five years old
2015:  This is what I had to move today.
2015: This is what a snow blower can do.

Is that Below Zero?

Good Morning,
I dreamt that I was at a school band practice and I told one of the girls to pay attention to the band director then later realized that she had terminal cancer. 
I feel good this morning but dread going out and working in the snow. Yesterday it was fluffy; today it may be settled like ice. It will have to warm up first.
The sunshine looks nice outside.
I snow blowed my driveway and by the mail box; it works great. No photos but older photos Laurel took five years ago.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Drifting Snow

Good Morning,
18 degrees and we have wind swept drifting snow. I feel good this morning and I think mom is just getting up. She is up and down all night; her knee hurts the most now but she still walks a lot; with or with out the walker.

This snow is light and fluffy; 
tomorrow when I try to move it,
 it will be a little heavier.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Good morning; the new morning on the face of the earth,
It is 0700 in the morning and 10 degrees on the stoop out front and 14 degree outback on the deck.
Two male cats came to eat this morning; we are regular and constant. We have three females indoors; one of them was outside most of the night and came in a few minutes ago. She is grooming now after some cat chow.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Good Morning,
I have a companion that is very far away; she knows she is loved and I now that I am loved. Time and circumstance has place us apart but the love is here forever.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Not Without Effort

Good Morning,
I let my mind travel and it goes places my body cannot go; we are not separated but my mind is up there in my brain and it tells my hands where to place fingers on a typewriter. My mind has a memory and history and it feels any kind of damage to my body. Sometime body parts can be mended or given a shot of internal pain relief. I can sit back and wait for the mending forces to do there job. I have a hell of an army of good, looking after me internally.
I almost passed out on the pot last night as things were passing through my body very strenuously.

I had to take out my lower teeth early this morning (3:00 am ) so that my gum can mend; it felt as I was going to have a blister if I kept wearing them. I will let my body mend for 8 hours and then try again.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Latin Lover

There is a planet called Earth by it's inhabitants; I am one of those creatures on this planet. I am standing on my space provided.
My dad was a great Latin Lover but I will never be that kind of lover by choice. I will love the planet and that is it.
I do not feel to swift this evening; normal things that happen to older folks, it ill pass. 
Laurel gave me some Miralax to solve my problem; it will work.
Laurel and I both went to bed about 4:00 pm this afternoon. She and I were both exhausted. She from a busy day yesterday and I from doing chores starting a 5 this morning. We went 2 days without getting anything done at home (trip to Nashville one day and a trip to Paducah the next). Allison came by today and finished up what I did not do; that worked out fine.

It is 26 degrees outside and the wind is whistling, "Dixie".

Good Morning,
It is 26 degrees outside, I could handle that but I would rather not. My days as, " I have to go to work, See Ya." are over.
I have new lower dentures in my mouth at the moment. Laurel and I went to Paducah yesterday. I went to see the dentist and get these lower dentures. Laurel went to get an MRI at the hospital which we call , "Western Baptist Hospital" and they now call "Baptist Health Paducah". My lower dentures hurt all touch places but I know that my gums and body will and understand and they will feel good after a while.
After treking around the hospital and registering Laurel finally got her MRI. We will know nothing until they read and a report is sent to Dr. Michael J. Christie, MD office in Nashville. before Laurel will hear anything. Any work will be done in Paducah by a referral to another specialist.
It is 26 degrees outside and the wind is whistling, "Dixie".

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good Morning,
The United States Constitution is not made up of two parties. The The United States Constitution is made up of three branches of Government. The two clans outside of the United States Constitution are The Republicans and The Democrats; there are folks like me that believe in the United States Constitution but do not like the two families that send us propaganda via church or TV.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Zoom - Good job well done to Laurel Rose.

Good Morning,
I was so sleepy eyed I could not read my Face book posts this morning. I know I can use the built in zoom that my browser provides. I did not even say, "Good Morning".
Yes I felt that it was a good morning. Being organic I can help the planet living or dead.
We are back home from Nashville, TN. Laurel went to see her knee doctor today and everything is OK with the bones in both knees. She will have an MRI as soon as it is scheduled to see if there is damage to her left knee (muscles and other stuff).
When we left this morning we stopped at our local gas pump to fill our vehicle with gas. While I was pumping Laurel got out of the van and walked without her walker to the restroom inside the building which was a good 100 feet away. She has been walking at home without her walker but this is pretty far with nothing but air to keep her balance. When I finished pumping the gas I moved my van to the entrance of the building knowing full well that she was going to be tired. Good job well done to Laurel Rose.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Zip A Dee Doo Dah

Good Morning,
It is 40 degrees outside this morning it is 68 degrees inside this abode. My Smartphone did a number on me and would not compute. I factory re-installed it. It works fine now. if you plan to do it please have it backed up. Do not backup the crap; baked up your log in names and pass words.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Remarkable Stuff

Good Morning,
I am not sore this morning and it is very quiet here in my home in Western Kentucky. There are no Marching Bands of gifted musicians marching past our home or marching bands of rebels burning homes as they go by.
I did not look at the temperature reading at my doorway but I did look and see what the temperature was in general in Marion,KY. It is 37 degrees.
How did we ever get to the point where a functional electronic device can be placed on my lap and I can use it like a library or just say "Hello" to friends and family here at home or 2,000 miles away in an instant. Remarkable stuff.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Works Hard, Sleeps Hard

Good Morning,
19 degrees outside and I am worn out; you know like a bald set of tires you know when it is time to change em. I will just sit and rest and maybe this sore back will heal. Mentally I am fine but I need rest. I am caught up on the dishes and laundry and the kitchen floor is spotless; the bathroom is OK and the linen is fine.
Laurel does pretty well on her own but crying painfully at times. You know when the coach yells at you and says, " Work through it." Well that is where she takes her body. She works hard and sleeps hard.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Great Coffee

Good Morning,
15 degrees out front and ice or melted snow now frozen on our front stoop. Sore left side around kidney; it is a pulled muscle.
I bought some different coffee at SAMS yesterday and boy is it a delicious coffee.
I just finished the other half of the kitchen floor; I'll post a photo of the cat looking out at the 15 degree weather. In the distance you cannot see snow on the grass but in the foreground the deck is covered with a hint of snow cover.
The cat did go out (she wanted to) but it only took 10 seconds to realize that she was a bit too old to stay very long in this 15 degree weather.
The kitchen floor is nice and shiny for a few minutes now you could eat off it (it is ceramic). Now I have to rest a bit then put everything back where it belongs. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Coffee Mate and Coffee; Love Ya

Good Evening,

We got back from Laurel's back doctor in Clarksville, TN. this afternoon. The PA says she has to walk. We also made an appointment to see her knee doctor in Nashville, TN.
Allison spent a couple of days with us to help us catch up. Thank You Allison!
We did some shopping in Clarksville to catch up on commodities.
They are talking about very cold and snow. All the roads are salted.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Small Sprite and Sugar Suction

Good Morning,
19 degrees up  on the front stoop and 23 degrees out on the deck. I am sore and I am sure that mom feels worse. Her voice is horse and she sounds like she is crying all the time; it is her voice. Her knees was better yesterday but she did not walk much. I walked into the kitchen last night and the floor was wet or look wet.  I saw mom a few minutes later and ask why George was in the house and she said she let him in. I also asked if there had been a cat fight in the kitchen and she said no and I said I thought the cats had fought in the kitchen and she said that she had spilled a can of Sprite on the Kitchen floor and she mopped it up the best she could.
I have to clean the kitchen floor today. I can hear the sprites squeaking as I walk on the floor (there is a sugar suction) .
I just mopped half the kitchen floor twice to make sure all the sprites are gone. I will mop the other half maybe this afternoon. I am also washing bedding. Mom is sleeping. She gets up in the middle of the night and surfs the news, plays games and hops over to FaceBook to check the weather, etc.. She is up.

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Dirt Floor

Good Morning,
21 degrees outside and a lot of wind, no rain, no snow; I am sore but better pain in the kidneys ( I stretched my legs over my head (I always do this in the morning) and my left leg offered no pain, my right leg gave me some pain when I reach toward the ceiling). I carefully moved about washing my face and brushing my teeth; those stretches also tell me in the mornings to be careful. After I move about and warm up I then can do more serious work. No matter what I do lifting always does hurt; I do it anyway. 
I had to clean the kitchen floor yesterday because the cats were believing it was a dirt floor. I cleaned with a bucket and mop (I did half), I will do the rest today.
Laurel's pain is more in her knee than her back, walking is a chore because of her knee not her back. She truly believe that she will have her knee replaced as she did with the other knee. To me that is a little too much pain (physical therapy).

Boy did things go wrong a few minutes ago. One of the cats decided to go to the bathroom on the kitchen floor after I cleaned it yesterday. I put kitty litter on the huge pile; Laurel wanted some tea, so I made her some tea, while I was doing that I noticed that our sugar bowl was empty. I cleaned everything out of the cabinet to get to the big Tupperware (15 lb) container of sugar; I filled the sugar bowl and as I was putting things back into the cabinet I grabbed hold of a bag of elbow macaroni upside down and dumped the whole bag on the kitchen floor. As I was sweeping up the elbow macaroni I noticed that some of the noodles had fallen into the cats water dish, so I picked up the dish went over to the sink and emptied some of the water but kept the noodle in the water dish. I then walked to the back door with the water dish to empty the elbow macaroni into the back yard. As I was coming back into the house I saw footsteps of crap leading to the kitchen sink. Holy shit!
I had stepped in it and walked across the floor; I just cleaned the floor yesterday!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Knee and Back Pain

Good Morning,
This is the second month of the beginning of the only sense of life on the planet earth; even the planet has not tasted this new day.
The activity from Laurel yesterday made a mess of her knee this morning. Pain and tears; she took a bath early and that helped; we now have ice packs over her knee. We will see the doctor for her back this week and then it will be off to see her knee doctor at a later date.