Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Zoom - Good job well done to Laurel Rose.

Good Morning,
I was so sleepy eyed I could not read my Face book posts this morning. I know I can use the built in zoom that my browser provides. I did not even say, "Good Morning".
Yes I felt that it was a good morning. Being organic I can help the planet living or dead.
We are back home from Nashville, TN. Laurel went to see her knee doctor today and everything is OK with the bones in both knees. She will have an MRI as soon as it is scheduled to see if there is damage to her left knee (muscles and other stuff).
When we left this morning we stopped at our local gas pump to fill our vehicle with gas. While I was pumping Laurel got out of the van and walked without her walker to the restroom inside the building which was a good 100 feet away. She has been walking at home without her walker but this is pretty far with nothing but air to keep her balance. When I finished pumping the gas I moved my van to the entrance of the building knowing full well that she was going to be tired. Good job well done to Laurel Rose.

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