Friday, February 13, 2015

Not Without Effort

Good Morning,
I let my mind travel and it goes places my body cannot go; we are not separated but my mind is up there in my brain and it tells my hands where to place fingers on a typewriter. My mind has a memory and history and it feels any kind of damage to my body. Sometime body parts can be mended or given a shot of internal pain relief. I can sit back and wait for the mending forces to do there job. I have a hell of an army of good, looking after me internally.
I almost passed out on the pot last night as things were passing through my body very strenuously.

I had to take out my lower teeth early this morning (3:00 am ) so that my gum can mend; it felt as I was going to have a blister if I kept wearing them. I will let my body mend for 8 hours and then try again.


  1. I hate to tell you but the blister will come back until you go into the dental office and have them fix your dentures. Every morning my mouth feels well, but then by 10 a.m. the soreness returns. I am eating soft foods to no avail. I'm hoping to cause a calloused spot, but I don't think our gums work that way. And as to the almost passing out on the pot....that is quite normal and when most people pass out (according to Hospice).

  2. hope your gums feel better soon dad

  3. I was going to go today (George Washington's Birthday) but I got snowed in. I am keeping them on the shelf until I get them adjusted.