Thursday, February 12, 2015

Latin Lover

There is a planet called Earth by it's inhabitants; I am one of those creatures on this planet. I am standing on my space provided.
My dad was a great Latin Lover but I will never be that kind of lover by choice. I will love the planet and that is it.
I do not feel to swift this evening; normal things that happen to older folks, it ill pass. 
Laurel gave me some Miralax to solve my problem; it will work.
Laurel and I both went to bed about 4:00 pm this afternoon. She and I were both exhausted. She from a busy day yesterday and I from doing chores starting a 5 this morning. We went 2 days without getting anything done at home (trip to Nashville one day and a trip to Paducah the next). Allison came by today and finished up what I did not do; that worked out fine.

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