Thursday, February 12, 2015

It is 26 degrees outside and the wind is whistling, "Dixie".

Good Morning,
It is 26 degrees outside, I could handle that but I would rather not. My days as, " I have to go to work, See Ya." are over.
I have new lower dentures in my mouth at the moment. Laurel and I went to Paducah yesterday. I went to see the dentist and get these lower dentures. Laurel went to get an MRI at the hospital which we call , "Western Baptist Hospital" and they now call "Baptist Health Paducah". My lower dentures hurt all touch places but I know that my gums and body will and understand and they will feel good after a while.
After treking around the hospital and registering Laurel finally got her MRI. We will know nothing until they read and a report is sent to Dr. Michael J. Christie, MD office in Nashville. before Laurel will hear anything. Any work will be done in Paducah by a referral to another specialist.
It is 26 degrees outside and the wind is whistling, "Dixie".

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  1. My new lower dentures hurt too and I have been back for them to fix the spots that rub. I was going back AGAIN this morning to have the dentist fix ANOTHER spot that is sore, but it snowed. You will lose some weight getting used to your new dentures.