Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Small Sprite and Sugar Suction

Good Morning,
19 degrees up  on the front stoop and 23 degrees out on the deck. I am sore and I am sure that mom feels worse. Her voice is horse and she sounds like she is crying all the time; it is her voice. Her knees was better yesterday but she did not walk much. I walked into the kitchen last night and the floor was wet or look wet.  I saw mom a few minutes later and ask why George was in the house and she said she let him in. I also asked if there had been a cat fight in the kitchen and she said no and I said I thought the cats had fought in the kitchen and she said that she had spilled a can of Sprite on the Kitchen floor and she mopped it up the best she could.
I have to clean the kitchen floor today. I can hear the sprites squeaking as I walk on the floor (there is a sugar suction) .
I just mopped half the kitchen floor twice to make sure all the sprites are gone. I will mop the other half maybe this afternoon. I am also washing bedding. Mom is sleeping. She gets up in the middle of the night and surfs the news, plays games and hops over to FaceBook to check the weather, etc.. She is up.

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