Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ho Hum

Good Morning,
It was cold yesterday. Mom had doctors appointment in Nashville at 2:30 PM. Because of the cold mom did not want to go. I had gone out yesterday to pay our water bill and the roads were great. It was cold but the roads were very good. So when I came home I told Laurel to get ready (remember she wanted to cancel the appointment). Anyway we went and she was not in the mood to be on the road, even though they were clear. When we stopped for pit stops the wind was biting and she told me and I felt it. We left early and that was good because when we got to Nashville, the traffic stopped to slower than one step forward and two steps back. We just got to our appointment on time.
Mom got a knee brace with hinges and a shot in the knee. While in the building after the appointment we visited her back doctor two floors above her knee doctor.
We had used valet parking that was close to her knee doctor and when we left the building I presented my ticket to the attendant; an hour later we had no car (van) I asked and Laurel asked and there was a van that was ours but someone had lost our car key. I had a key so they went and got our van and Laurel was fuming. We filled out an incident report but we never got our spare key. Hopefully someone will find it and send it to us, if not we will make one and they will have to pay for it.

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