Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Large X

Good Morning,
A little over 32 degrees and rain and earlier freezing rain; things outside do look shiny but I stepped out on the stoop and it felt fine: but the rain is showing us the ice under the water. I am not sure what will happen later today.
The weather does not seem to be a problem today; last night it was freezing rain and this morning it is rain.
A friend and I went out to the lake to catch some fish, we rented a boat and out on the lake we went. Things were slow at first but after awhile we caught our limit of big fish. Wow!
When the day ended he put a large X on the side of the boat to remember the spot where we caught the fish.
I said to him, "That won't work?!"
He says, "And why not?"
And I said, " Because we may not get the same boat when we come back tomorrow?!"

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