Thursday, February 5, 2015

Great Coffee

Good Morning,
15 degrees out front and ice or melted snow now frozen on our front stoop. Sore left side around kidney; it is a pulled muscle.
I bought some different coffee at SAMS yesterday and boy is it a delicious coffee.
I just finished the other half of the kitchen floor; I'll post a photo of the cat looking out at the 15 degree weather. In the distance you cannot see snow on the grass but in the foreground the deck is covered with a hint of snow cover.
The cat did go out (she wanted to) but it only took 10 seconds to realize that she was a bit too old to stay very long in this 15 degree weather.
The kitchen floor is nice and shiny for a few minutes now you could eat off it (it is ceramic). Now I have to rest a bit then put everything back where it belongs.