Friday, September 30, 2011

Obama and Valerie Plame

Good Morning. It is quiet and mom is up and at her computer.
I heard this morning that there was violence on the planet Earth and that the Obama led United States Military found and killed a man that was making videos, printing and distributing terrorist propaganda and who was also responsible for known terrorist bombings. It is truly not safe thinking that you can freely blow people up.

President Obama is thanking this young man with a Medal of Honor for his heroic efforts to clear the planet of terrorists.

Happy Birthday Gladys

Gladys Chapek at Blue Grass Field in Lexington Kentucky
May 12, 2011

Five Generations
Picture courtesy of Elizabeth Shattler

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who is responsible for the planet earth?

Who is responsible for the planet earth?
Each one of us sits or stands in a particular place. Some of us own more space.
That space is our space on the planet earth and it is up to us take care of our piece of the planet.


I few years back I made a trip across the United States
 to tell those that I love, "I love you."
It was a successful trip and worked out well.
I see love stories on TV and understand how love moves across the planet; 
first between two people then it broadens to more;
 then the planet becomes the ,"Garden of Eden".

Saturday Evening Post

I got bit by some bug 3 weeks ago and I went to the doctor Monday to show him the rash and welt. He proscribed medication for my bite and rash.
Last night after taking my normal medication I awoke very dizzy for maybe two seconds and my body adjusted quickly. I stayed up and watched a movie then some news about the "Great White Hope" and then I got up.
I felt uneasy to my stomach since my head spin.
Mentally I am fine and I have a ringing in my ears.
It is peaceful in this area of the planet earth and as I look at the news I will tell you that their is, "Protesters around the world have something in common: wariness, even contempt, toward traditional politicians and the democratic political process they preside over" (New York Times).

Anyway it is peaceful here where I live and I put a weather doodad over there at my right to tell you the temperature in our home town.
Happy Birthday David
Happy Birthday Jon

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Waste Water Treatment

When the water goes down the drain it goes to pipes underground to the Waste Treatment Plant in your City.
Water is the vehicle that moves the waste to the city treatment plant.

T-Party Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul

It rained and now for the moment it is over.
It is peaceful on the planet earth this morning the only chaos is created by man and Typhoon Nesat.
It is peaceful here at home, mom is asleep and I am about to watch C-Span at 0600. I only watch for a minute or two and get the flavor of conversation then I turn off the television.
My sister said I was political but when Congress changes the United States Constitution to suit themselves then I do what I have to do and discomfort my Kentucky T-Party Senators. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

It Rained and Rained

It was quite spooky just before we went to bed last night as the wind roared and the wind blew very hard. Thunder and lightning and an overall shudder of the area. Our pool is full and I will have to dump some of the water.
Everything seems OK at the moment this morning.
I think it is time for coffee.
We have been on a scrape the cupboard bare mood but OK mentally. You have to remember that my wife grew up poor and that I lived in voluntary poverty in the sixties so this is not new or depressing just using what we have.
In a few days the first of the month rolls around and we get our .... I do not know the word but it fits in well.
I feel great and mom is up and playing her game (I assume (she reads about a hundred blogs)). I read only the family blogs and visit some others.
Google Plus may be better suited for me as I can have a bias and play ring around the rosy.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Rain is Coming Down

There we are in Western Kentucky.
It is overcast this morning and the rain is just west of us. It is only a matter of time and the rain will fall.
I feel good this morning and it is quiet and peaceful here this morning. It seems that the weather is our only confrontation.
Mom is off work today and is sleeping in. I looked out the door and it is raining, not hard just garden drops soaking everything.

My sister has been celebrating her birthday with her family and is very happy that her children really care about her. I find that to be a very family type thing in our era of me, me, me.
Very nice.
I am off to make a cup of coffee on my fancy machine, it makes great coffee which is always the same. It makes great tea and mom has been asking me to make her tea on the machine.
I only drink one mug of regular coffee and the rest of the day it is either tea or decaf. Caffeine and I do not go well together.
Family Blogs:
I have a service that tells me when a new post is on a blog, they are mostly family. But mom told me today that her niece did not want her (mom) or her family snooping on her blog.

I find that kind of silly and typical of the bias that comes from the right wing of society that have an image of human stereotypes. Mom and I are used to snubs and have lived all our life with them; to us it is normal but it is strange that now it comes from family. Maybe we are the black sheep of the family or the stereotype of the Kentucky poor.

I find it best to keep things personal by just writing emails or snail mail.
It is best not to post on websites as a privacy thing that only causes conflicts.
Websites are not private.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The sky is overcast and the deck is wet. No rain at the moment.
I have had finches at the bird feeders all summer and now they are still there. I put out a Woodpecker block last week but no one has shown up.
The Hummingbirds are still here but not as many as most have gone south.
The weather folks said warm days next week; that is good for the pool as I will pull the steps next week.
Mom has been working on the NARFE Convention handbook these last three days and has a great draft which is pretty well tweeted. The ads will come later as will the speakers and line up. I helped her find who's who since I have most online and in emails.
As always it is quiet here in Marion and this area of the planet earth. I am not aware of any splash downs in the pool; I did hear that some debris fell in a 500 stretch of the Pacific last night around midnight.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Someone snooped on my Personal Computer and saw that I had a Spanish/Mexican/Portuguese surname. So what happened I opened a video and the commercial before the video was in Spanish. What do I have to do; change my surname, find and call each company that search my personal computer and tell them that I speak American Slang which is different than English.
What a bunch of Assholes. I guess the next thing is that they will do is turn on my camera and sell me ,"T-Shirts and Blue Shorts"?

Good Morning. Yesterday I oiled up Mom's Singer 66-16 Sewing Machine. It runs like a top; it was state of the art when it came out and it is still the same quality as we wish ours autos and appliances were?
I have only one item in our home that has lasted half as long as that machine and that is the underwear I bought at Sears in 1975.
I had a machine (IBM Selectric) that was as good as that but I put it out in the garage (big mistake) and it died out there.
I still have Mom's Wollensak and it is good quality but it is not the same as that Singer 66-16.
Mom's cabinet has the treadle and fancy scroll work. I have looked on line and no one has that cabinet.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This evening I am off on some distant planet viewing the closet planet.
Good Morning
Mom is off she goes back to work Saturday.
I had a NARFE meeting yesterday at Thom's Marion Cafe. We had 6 folks show up for the meeting. The meeting was about the up and coming Fall Round Up at Miss Scarlett's in Grand Rivers.
I learned that a quiet friend died last Monday. He was an artist that retired from the bank and settled on the Ohio River and opened a Toy Museum.
He was quiet, thin with a nice smile and he was comfortable to be around. 
He never offered his art work but they are around town. They were mostly pen and ink of local buildings, very nice and professional. None are online.
His life left his body as quietly as he lived. 
Goodbye Roger.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am up very early and using Mom's HP Note Book. I now have Google Plus which is similar to FaceBook. I do not know much about it other than asking my friends and family to join me there. It is just another application on these computers.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catalog of Homes Online in Western Kentucky

$25,000 and Up

About Kathy, Kyle and I

Just outside the court room in Santa Rosa. We would be there for our hearing and a statement by the court saying that we were not allowed to be on the Morningstar property (there were about 20 of us there at this moment in time).
But the reason for this post was the cigarettes. During the recess everyone would go out to smoke and when the man said that it was time to go back in everyone would put out their cigarettes in the clean light brown sand out side the courtroom. That would be our chance to get some long great smokes that the folks just pushed into the sand.
You have to remember that we knew nothing about aids and I knew nothing about any disease that was flourishing in Santa Rosa at the time.
Just some history for the grand kids.

Here is a cool view of the United States

I can pin point exactly where I live by finding the Ohio River and the two lakes below us. Our northern section of our county is the Ohio River.
Crittenden County outline.

Can you find where I live on the green map?
Good Morning. I feel good and we still have overcast skies.
I think the pool is cold and I will close it at the end of the month. I am going to hire out the job it is too overwhelming handling that big canvas ((pool cover) sometimes it fills with water and I have to start over and that is not fun). I will do all the easy stuff before then.
The photo at left is a photo with the winter cover on.
Time for my second cup of coffee.
I always gave you the weather so I found a little doodad that did it for me and I placed over there at out right.
I went over to the online weather site and this is what it looks like over the United States at this minute 9/20/2011 (0830).

Manitoba is getting a pretty big storm. It is a good day to stay indoors in Manitoba.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Morning. It is wet out this morning so any plans I had for any outdoor activity is out.
Mom is off work I think she works 8 hours this week; 4 Saturday and 4 Wednesday.
I am glad that someone in the family earns some money otherwise we would be up shi..... Creek.
The only thing that saved us is my pension (working 36 years for the Government at the lock and dam ( my Military time was added to my retirement) and mom's Social Security for busting her butt for 55 years. Creating websites is a hobby and hobbies don't pay the bills.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tough Home Made Dishcloth

I use one of these dish cloths. They are tough and home made in the United States. Go get a couple. They will make your day and they are much stronger that the crap you get at Walmart.
Good morning. It is overcast and our deck showed signs of rain. I am stiff this morning but that is age or just stiff. I will get up from here and stretch a little to ease the stiffness, not too much because my muscles pull easily. My old boot camp stretches work well.
Well it seems Congress did not pay the FAA and the FAA did not have any plane inspectors but the folks at the air show said well we can do that who needs Federal inspectors.

It has been raining pretty hard for the last hour and water is moving between our yards in a good strong stream.  Nothing dangerous just a lot of rain.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Black Phone and the Mail

When the power goes out email and text messages will not worked without power (Charger (auto battery)). What will work is a hand delivered letter by our postal carrier.
 This old black phone will work when the power is out.

Dust Bath

After submerging themselves or using their trunks to spray water across their bodies, the dust or mud bath begins. This allows the dirt or mud to stick, creating a protective layer that lasts throughout the day.
Good Morning.
I am up early. It is still dark outside. I am sore and tired. I am fine. The weather man says that it will be in the mid 70's today with clear to partly cloudy skies.
Mom and I sewed up my chipper shredder bag that developed a hole. My brush pile is down to half it's size now. Then I will work on the bigger pieces with the chain saw.

Headline News

There are more places in time where peace is than places where violence has taken place.
Violence is a headline.
Human beings walk in peace. violence gathers a crowd.
Crowds are all smaller in percentage than populations in an area.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Good morning. I feel very good this morning. it is quiet and peaceful; our sky is overcast with a mild breeze. It is cool (54 degrees).
Mom is at work and I need to write to my daughter about the Pumpkin Festival I am to work at October 1st. Last year we had a bouncing balloon play ground. This year we will have a straw maze for the kids behind the court house.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Doug
Happy Birthday to Thalia

Wealth through Slavery

 I hear the debate that rich folks should pay more taxes. It is not how much they should pay it is who they hire to make those wages. At one time in was the American labor and now it is foreign labor. That is the tax they should pay.
Good Morning. It rained and rained last night, thunder and lightning and our weatherman said at least one inch of rain over the area.
It is overcast at this moment but I am told that the rain has left the area. More rain is on it's way in a day or two.
I am sore from the chores I did yesterday, wood chipping and carrying in groceries. Lifting heavy things and pushing machines seem to hurt a day later.
I feel good mentally and it is peaceful here at home in Western Kentucky.
I heard a National TV announcer say that he was not an animal person. I got to thinking about us here in the United States where farmers were the animal folks. They kept the animals they could control and shot those animals that they could not control or wanted for food. 
Mom is cat and dog person; animals sense that she is kind and tend to go to her. Our cats outside do not trust men, indoors they do. Our cats get into a outdoor mood/mode when they pass threw the doorway.
I prefer all animals outside or have them come and go as they please. The later invites a lot of creatures indoors. 
In the United States we have no animals roaming free and if they do it is at considerable risk. The mountains hold more free ranging animals because the mountains shield them away from man because of the hard terrain  /environment.
We always think of Africa as the place that animals roam free; we know that that is changing but we still think that that is the place for animals to be free.
Just finished up some indoor chores and may do some laundry this afternoon, maybe tomorrow. Mom has some meat in the slow cooker and it has been there or at least 20 twenty hours.
The soreness feels better now that I have done some work. Maybe tomorrow I will clean up the kitchen floor. I like the tiles because all it takes is a clean mop to do a great job.
Allison your wash clothes are tough and do the work asked for, " They take a licking and keep on ticking."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4th Amendment Wear

Wear it when you go on your next trip. 
They will make you take it off but by then it is too late; you have made a statement. 
Plus it is great to rattle the chains of freedom whenever you can.

NARFE Chapter 1373 Marion, Ky.

The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) of Chapter 1373 sponsor and pay for, “The Crittenden County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community Website and the Wicket Locks and Dams –Dam 50 Websites. We are happy to do so as a function of community support.
Chapter 1373 which is located in Marion, Ky. also represents Federal Employees in the area around Crittenden County in Western Kentucky.

Tom Diaz President of Chapter 1373 is also Federation Network Coordinator for the Kentucky Federation of Chapters and his main responibility is the The Kentucky Fedration of Chapters Website.

Click here if you wish to join our group; please fill out this application.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Ole Bonsai - Kentucky Weather Station"
For you folks that have a Bonsai tree out back on the porch. All ya need is a cotton string and a small nice rock, a pet rock will work, to have a working weather station. Tie the string around the rock, then hang the rock from one of the Bonsai tree limbs.
When the rock is.....

Swaying.......................It is Windy
Wet.............................It is Raining
Yellow.........................Pollen is High
White...........................It is Snowing
Black...........................Pollution is Bad
Hard to See..................Foggy
Gone............................There's been a Tornado+

This idea is not original, it is taken from local folklore.
Good Morning. I slept in. I was out last night, I had gone to a Drug Coalition Meeting at our Ed Tech Campus.
It was informative and scary at the same time. The drugs kids use are not drugs as we know them but household chemicals.
I feel sleepy and kind of like an almost head ache/hangover. Almost is closer as I do feel fine  , just sleepy.
Today I go out and create mulch as I have been doing
We have partly cloudy clear skies and there are no rockets overhead falling toward my home. It is peaceful here. It is by choice. We behave and obey the law, we are not a bunch of T-Party crack pots. That hate.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Morning. We have clear skies in Marion with a comfortable temperature. The pool cooled well below normal last week so I am heating it up so I can close it for the year, it will take a week to get it where I can get into it. The temperature of our days changed quite a bit after those big storms came through. It is comfortable outside so working out there is not so hot (the grass grows slow too). I have been cutting and shredding limbs these last few days. It is slow with the machine I have. My old machine worked better but was outlawed and could not (would not) be repaired. I could do it myself with a welder and a new engine.
I watched the NFL football pregame show on fox and 80% of the predictions they made were wrong. They said they wanted parity and they got it. Normally those that can give you more for your buck wins the prize. Big cities have a better chance at that because under the table deals with the citizens of the town make it really nice for a million dollar sailor.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


There is no way to get around the day. I am watching the NFL Today and my eye are in tears already.
"My Best Friends Smile", "My Dad Loved Football", "My Brother Went Up Those Stairs", "My Sister Spoke To Me On Her Cell Phone".
I am going to watch the Titans play the Jaguars and the Colts play the Texans.
It is true that I do not possess anything but what is near and at my disposal; it is quite a lot. I have the comfort of home at my disposal. I have this 3/4 acre to take care of at my disposal. Yes I do share it with my wife ( we go back to 1968 (43 years )).
I have taken photos of most that are old and the new is just waiting for the camera.

That was very nice. I realize that we should not forget but I am a bit overwhelmed at all the emotion pushed into my brain.
When I worked out on the dam, we had only one thing on our mind and that was to stay alive in a dangerous situation. When I walked near the raging river at Smithland I made it a point (if I happened to fall) to fall ten feet and land on hard giant boulders so that mom could identify me.
 I remember asking our assistant lock master at Lock and Dam 50  if I really needed to wear the life jacket and he said, "No  but if you want your wife to get some insurance money then wear it (find me floating). That made sense; I hear the sad songs of mourning in the other room.
During icy winters this wall was covered with ice and if you fell make sure that you fell into the freezing water at right and not churning turbulence and weight of barges at left. It was best not to fall.

I worked ten years on a maneuver boat like this below. It is steam powered. These men are putting the dam down. You see one wicket falling to the bottom. These wickets are hinged to the bottom of the river. When they are down they will lay flat on the river bottom. You can see the water current sweeping around the edge of the boat. There is a long steel cable attached to the far bank and a steel drum on the back of the boat.

The Coots Would Go Around the Work Boat Above and Down the River

Walking on the water, little footprints like puffs of smoke trailing behind. Up to speed and into the air.  The little black feathers beat first at the water and then into the air. I watched as others glide down and around the boat unaware of any danger, the ride on the water is their pleasure. They dive down into the boils and pop up somewhere down stream. When their ride is done, they run on the water and fly upstream to repeat their joyous ride. We stop and watch amazed, knowing the dangers of so swift a current. We marvel at the little black ducks as they perform their dives, glides and flights.
In one moment, I walk out the door and look up at the dark sky.  I see the northwestern sky light up. Thunder, lightning is off in the distance, no sound is heard. I look at the same skyline and see a planet or star now in the darkness. I look down and see the river still and dark. I hear a flop and turn around and see a large splash of water. Some great creature from below the water has surfaced. As I walk away rings, ripple the water in the still of the morning night. This was only a moment in this life, not more than ten-seconds in time.
This river is rich in organic matter, in late summer it turns green. The water has a smell to it, a green smell, a mossy woods smell, a turned compost smell.
Flooding on the Ohio River
The river is moving south, great trees are carried swiftly around the concrete walkway  of
dam. The speed of the chocolate current is mesmerizing and menacing. I avoid looking in
that direction until I am safely above it on the towering portion of the dam, where I can
safely look at it in leisure. I keep my eyes focused on the concrete path, the current is swift
by my side. Sometimes the power of the water is overwhelming.
January 2, 2001, 3:00 – 11:30 P.M. Dam # 78:
Last night when I crossed the bridge into Illinois from Paducah I could see ice floating in the river below the bridge. It was winding down the Illinois shore like a white snake. When I got to work I saw the river above the lock covered with ice as far as I could see. Apparently the Wabash River overflowed and sent its ice into the Ohio River. The ice looked old and worn, muddy and broken. It slowed down the locking of towboats and barges, as we had to clear the ice with air before we could swing the gates open. If ice is allowed to be pressed to the lock walls or gates it hardens and becomes impossible to move the gates back flush against the recessed walls out of the way. We also have to make ice lockings. We ask a towboat with barges to shove into the chamber as far as he can go without smashing the ice into the lower gates. As he moves into the lock chamber the ice compacts in front of his barges. Then we ask him to back up above the lock chamber and tie up. We close the gates and lock the ice that has been pushed to the far end of the lock. Last night we lock about five hundreds feet of compacted ice before we could come back and lock the towboat on the upper wall.
Winter 1977-1978, Dam # 50:
My struggle is no different than any other man. Man has labored from dusk to dawn to survive.
Some have struggled as slaves and some as wage laborers. They have all toiled in salt stinging sweat and some have toiled in cold shivering icy weather.
I have come to work and walked from one end of these lock walls to the other ends of these walls for eight hours. I have walked up a cold icy wall to relieve another lockman, turned and faced and icy blizzard while holding a lock line for a towboat. The deckhand will stand on ice that has splashed over the front of the barges the towboat is pushing. The ice looks like chocolate milk that has dropped from a baby's high chair and flown back up and froze in place. The deckhand works the heavy line while standing on the cold steel deck of the coal barge. It is slow moving and cold, I walk and place a line on a mooring pin on the lock wall, and I walk swiftly away as the line tightens, narrows and sings. Then the line slacks and I move forward and retrieve the line and walk another fifty feet and repeat the process. The line tightens, narrows and sings again, I have moved away swiftly knowing that the line will kill if it breaks and flies threw the air like a rubber band. The icy blowing snow and air still stings my face and numbs my feet. The line is taught the cumbersome mass of cold steel and coal slowly, slowly, very slowly moves closer to the wall. I stomp my feet and the cold pain move slowly up my legs. We all wait, we are cold but we all wait for the mass to be aliened with the wall. The water current tugs toward the middle of the river pulling the heavy weight away from the wall. There is a constant battle between the line and the water current. The coal-sooted line is so hot that it smokes with friction as it moves around the timberheads. We are moving closer to the lock. Fifty feet at a time we move the line and repeat the process. We are numb, we are paid to be numb and cold and to catch and walk the lines. The lock is getting closer and as soon as the front of the barge is inside the protective walls our numbing chore ends. Once he is inside I can walk to the center of the lock and log what time he entered the lock. My hands shake as I remove my gloves and grab a pencil. The log is supposed to be neat but shaking hands and drops of melting snow make it impossible. The small guard type shack is small; the floor is covered with wet melting snow, it is a painted gray wood. The paint is worn white by the constant movement of heavy boots. I shake my hands and try to warm them in this confined area. My nose and cheeks are red and wet. In a minute or two I'll continue on to the other end of the lock and help the deckhand secure the barges.
Sometimes the weather is balmy and nice, at other times the temperature is ninety degrees and the humidity is eighty, water and sweat run until your clothes are wet, sopping wet. The steel barges retain the heat and cook the bottom of your soles. The salt cakes around your eyes and burns you.
It is quiet and peaceful here at homel I heear off in the distant bedroom the sounds of 9/11 over mom's TV.
That is a little too much for me on this day of peace. It is overcast and I think someone here in town got enough rain to moisten there tomato plants. I think I will use my Fancy Dancy Coffee Maker and make a cup of brewed coffee. I am off...
The coffee is made and in my ByBee Mug .

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Smart Phones

Good morning. Today marks a day in history 10 years ago when Freedom was another word. Never again will we understand the Freedom of talking freely to whoever we please without being monitored by the authorities.
At first it was the automobile which told us how fast we were going on a road. Now it is the authorities that monitor our movement everywhere, especially those of us with smart phones.
I do not think they know they are listening they just follow key words like we search at Google.
I am still upset over all the polls and employment applications that ask me if I am of color. I used to put , "Tan" in the other blank.
I am not sure if the T-Party is racist or the racist just moved there because it was convenient place to hide. I think most T-Party think of themselves as like the group of folks that threw the tea over the side of the ship ( The Boston Tea Party).
What I have seen in Congress of the T-Party is a kid with a the only football in town and will not compromise until he gets his way. Not exactly the American way; that is more like the coal mines and Pinkerton detectives in 1876.
Sometimes we see to much rioting in the streets and sometimes you see too many police in the streets.
Curfews settle things down but you cannot keep the curfews indefinitely.
MotherKitty at one of the entrances of her High School in Hammond, Indiana.
Happy Birthday Brandon
Happy Birthday Laura

Friday, September 9, 2011

Randall Cobb First Pro Game

Good Morning. I watched part of the football game last night. I recorded the rest and am happy to report that Randall Cobb was a bright star in the game. Randall Cobb was picture perfect at the University of Kentucky where he was all around athletic with great abilities. He did it last night. They will not overlook him again which will make it harder on him but he learns as well as they do so it remains the same.
It is overcast this morning and a cool 61 degrees. I am going to close the pool but I have to warm the pool to do so. I placed the warm cover on it to heat it up but I need sunshine to do so.
I feel very good today.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Boredom does not exit in my world. It is a lack of understanding in/of the value of life.
Good Morning. Today it is clear and it looks clean outdoors. The sky is blue, the trees are green. It is quiet and peaceful in Western Kentucky.
I do not intend to ask congress to send my son to a new war. I do not intend to buy goods made by slave labor. These are good intentions but not reality. I painted a pretty picture but you have to live in peace to be peaceful.
I live in peace.
How does a young man in Egypt or LA see peace when he sees his friend lying dead in the street. Does he walk away? Where is the justice of a dead man in the street. The court of law does not help the dead man.
Law is to be aware of and understood.
It is peaceful where I live.

We Still Call It Monday Night Football

What was ABC thinking?
I guess their still not thinking most shows I like are made at CBS.
You would think that they would try to bring it back?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The T Party is Anarchy

They just want power to wage war and tax me for it.
They do not want clean air. I think they want it but are not going to pay for it.
They do not want clean water?  I think they want it but are not going to pay for it.
They do not want a black President and they are not going to follow him.
They say let the food services and manufacturers police themselves on safety and wages.
They say let the airlines regulate their airports and flying machines.
They want cheap electricity made from atomic power but do not want radiation in their state.
I think they want labor without pay. What do we have to feed you too?
I think I can go on.........
OH you want me to sign the papers too?!!
Oh and I worked for that government that went broke, sorry tough shit!

Save us and step dowm

A letter to Congress. There is really no point in being Representative when there is no government. I did not elect my Congressman to tell me there is no government.
What I hear is Representatives closing up Federal Offices, Senators that are elected that represent our state of Kentucky and do what?
If we do not need government then why are you getting paid? Why did we elect a president?
I think the toilet was flushed when Bush was elected and I am seeing the last swirl go down the drain.
Congress does not see black and that's that.
Why am I being taxed to pay for the unemployed?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Ohio River Lock and Dams are manned by Federal Employees and funded by Taxes. If they fail to operate then the price of oil and chemicals will go up 500%.
Back in the early years of Government Managed Locks the government decided to get out of the lock business in Louisville Kentucky. They turned the lock over to industry and industry started to just lock their friends instead of everyone (cronyism), so the government took the lock business back and made it equal for all of us to use.
The towboat industry pays a fuel tax to pay for the maintenance of the locks and nine foot pools (water depth from lock to lock).
If you notice in the photo above the barge is pushing 12 barges of Chemicals (that is 12 X 27,500 bbl).
An average towboat pushes 15 barges of dry cargo ( that is 15 X 1,750 tons of cargo ( 26,250 tons of cargo)).
At the Smithland Locks we could lock one 15 barge towboat every hour. 
You can see that maintaining a Federally funded Transportation System is very economical.

The Postal Service

There is something very unique about the United States Postal Service that you have forgotten.
Mail  is written with pen and ink and postal service is hand delivered.
Email is electronics and dependent on electricity which in an emergency can fail.