Sunday, September 25, 2011

It is overcast this morning and the rain is just west of us. It is only a matter of time and the rain will fall.
I feel good this morning and it is quiet and peaceful here this morning. It seems that the weather is our only confrontation.
Mom is off work today and is sleeping in. I looked out the door and it is raining, not hard just garden drops soaking everything.

My sister has been celebrating her birthday with her family and is very happy that her children really care about her. I find that to be a very family type thing in our era of me, me, me.
Very nice.
I am off to make a cup of coffee on my fancy machine, it makes great coffee which is always the same. It makes great tea and mom has been asking me to make her tea on the machine.
I only drink one mug of regular coffee and the rest of the day it is either tea or decaf. Caffeine and I do not go well together.
Family Blogs:
I have a service that tells me when a new post is on a blog, they are mostly family. But mom told me today that her niece did not want her (mom) or her family snooping on her blog.

I find that kind of silly and typical of the bias that comes from the right wing of society that have an image of human stereotypes. Mom and I are used to snubs and have lived all our life with them; to us it is normal but it is strange that now it comes from family. Maybe we are the black sheep of the family or the stereotype of the Kentucky poor.

I find it best to keep things personal by just writing emails or snail mail.
It is best not to post on websites as a privacy thing that only causes conflicts.
Websites are not private.

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  1. My blog is my personal email to all of my Liberal, Independent,Conservative, Gay, Bisexual, family and friends, of my daily or weekly PERSONAL activities. It's like the Christmas Newsletters, same news to everyone. I probably make some people mad at times, but they don't have to read's not mandatory, but
    I do love it when they do.

    I don't like snail mail, it's too slow and cost .44 cents and you have to wait 2 weeks for a response. Emails I delete, and as long as I have nothing to hide, my blog tells my story and gives me an alibi if I ever need one. ha ha

    One side always thinks the other side is biased. Each time I read your blog I see that you have a natural bias against people who don't think like you and you are always attacking them. I really think it's the politics that people don't like reading in a blog, not the personal stuff, even if I do get more comments when I write my opinions on something political, but the comments are from non family and I really rather write my posts to family, but sometimes I get carried away when I hear something on the news. Now I don't listen to national news anymore and have calmed down and I am enjoying spending time with my family and discussing their own personal news instead. It's much better than national news and it's more enjoyable...and we get to eat a lot of good food.

    I understand that your blog is mostly political and for me it's upsetting to read some of your posts at times but it's your opinion and you are entitled to it. "If we all thought alike in this world it would be such a boring place to live in." (my quote)

    love you