Saturday, September 24, 2011

The sky is overcast and the deck is wet. No rain at the moment.
I have had finches at the bird feeders all summer and now they are still there. I put out a Woodpecker block last week but no one has shown up.
The Hummingbirds are still here but not as many as most have gone south.
The weather folks said warm days next week; that is good for the pool as I will pull the steps next week.
Mom has been working on the NARFE Convention handbook these last three days and has a great draft which is pretty well tweeted. The ads will come later as will the speakers and line up. I helped her find who's who since I have most online and in emails.
As always it is quiet here in Marion and this area of the planet earth. I am not aware of any splash downs in the pool; I did hear that some debris fell in a 500 stretch of the Pacific last night around midnight.

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  1. Oh....I forgot about the debris falling to earth the second I fell asleep. I guess that was good or I might have stayed awake wondering where it was falling. I'm so glad that it fell in the ocean and that it didn't hurt anyone.