Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Morning. We have clear skies in Marion with a comfortable temperature. The pool cooled well below normal last week so I am heating it up so I can close it for the year, it will take a week to get it where I can get into it. The temperature of our days changed quite a bit after those big storms came through. It is comfortable outside so working out there is not so hot (the grass grows slow too). I have been cutting and shredding limbs these last few days. It is slow with the machine I have. My old machine worked better but was outlawed and could not (would not) be repaired. I could do it myself with a welder and a new engine.

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  1. Yesterday and today have been beautiful days here but today it got hot.

    This is day 6 of Princess's fast. She stopped eating last Tuesday so we took her to the vet early this morning. She spent all day at the vets office having blood tests and x-rays, followed by a barium enema. The vet wanted to keep her overnight to feed her enriched liquids before he does surgery on her tomorrow. She may have a lymphoma and her life span may be increased by another 6-12 months with the surgery and her tumor may also be something as simple as a cyst or abscess that has involved her bowel. Of course we're hoping for the latter. She has no fever and her temp is below normal. It's Princess, our white cat and with her long hair, we're hoping it's nothing but a furball.