Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good Morning. It rained and rained last night, thunder and lightning and our weatherman said at least one inch of rain over the area.
It is overcast at this moment but I am told that the rain has left the area. More rain is on it's way in a day or two.
I am sore from the chores I did yesterday, wood chipping and carrying in groceries. Lifting heavy things and pushing machines seem to hurt a day later.
I feel good mentally and it is peaceful here at home in Western Kentucky.
I heard a National TV announcer say that he was not an animal person. I got to thinking about us here in the United States where farmers were the animal folks. They kept the animals they could control and shot those animals that they could not control or wanted for food. 
Mom is cat and dog person; animals sense that she is kind and tend to go to her. Our cats outside do not trust men, indoors they do. Our cats get into a outdoor mood/mode when they pass threw the doorway.
I prefer all animals outside or have them come and go as they please. The later invites a lot of creatures indoors. 
In the United States we have no animals roaming free and if they do it is at considerable risk. The mountains hold more free ranging animals because the mountains shield them away from man because of the hard terrain  /environment.
We always think of Africa as the place that animals roam free; we know that that is changing but we still think that that is the place for animals to be free.
Just finished up some indoor chores and may do some laundry this afternoon, maybe tomorrow. Mom has some meat in the slow cooker and it has been there or at least 20 twenty hours.
The soreness feels better now that I have done some work. Maybe tomorrow I will clean up the kitchen floor. I like the tiles because all it takes is a clean mop to do a great job.
Allison your wash clothes are tough and do the work asked for, " They take a licking and keep on ticking."

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  1. I am glad you like them, Dad....I have been surprised at how many sell at the farmer's market....need to make a bunch for craft fairs very on the lookout for good fall colors at pamida and that will give me a good reason to have to come there to see you :)....they don't carry the same ones here at walmart