Monday, September 26, 2011

It Rained and Rained

It was quite spooky just before we went to bed last night as the wind roared and the wind blew very hard. Thunder and lightning and an overall shudder of the area. Our pool is full and I will have to dump some of the water.
Everything seems OK at the moment this morning.
I think it is time for coffee.
We have been on a scrape the cupboard bare mood but OK mentally. You have to remember that my wife grew up poor and that I lived in voluntary poverty in the sixties so this is not new or depressing just using what we have.
In a few days the first of the month rolls around and we get our .... I do not know the word but it fits in well.
I feel great and mom is up and playing her game (I assume (she reads about a hundred blogs)). I read only the family blogs and visit some others.
Google Plus may be better suited for me as I can have a bias and play ring around the rosy.


  1. I would have a hard time going to bed with all the excitement of a storm going on. It's electrifying and very exciting watching and listening to the thunder roar and the sky light up as the trees bend to the ground. I would have to go stand outside on the porch for a better look at the ferocity of nature. I should have been a storm chaser.

    Sometimes you have to scrape the cupbords bare to get the old food out of there. And sometimes the kids come and clean out our food supply and take it home with them when times are hard. I wish you lived close by because my cupboards are so full of canned and boxed food that we couldn't squeeze another thing in there and they need cleaning out. Ron always laughed at us for going grocery shopping. He couldn't understand why we even went when we never ate any of the food we bought. If it was fresh it molded and we threw it out, but we bought mostly boxed and canned foods. ('s for the kids, so they can raid our cupboards)

    I don't freeze anything anymore because I never thaw it out and then just end up throwing it away when I clean the freezer out. My freezer is always bare except for ice cream, popcicles, pizzas, taquitos, pizza rolls and ice...oh, and frozen York peppermint patties for Ron and Sharon.

    I don't live in poverty voluntarily but I guess since I don't work, it's voluntary. Jimmy and I will get out of this poverty slump just as soon as we win the lottery.

    I never heard of Google Plus or is that thing you sent me an invite to? I don't understand how to use it, that thing with circles.????

    We had rain this morning and then it quit.
    Have a nice evening. Love you.

  2. The Google Plus is the same as FaceBook but you can have a bias like "Friends from the bike club", "just Family", "just blog friends" or like me "Folks that are political". Each circle has its own Facebook page/circle.

  3. I tried to see the point to Google Plus, but I like Facebook much better because you can reach more people and they just don't have to be family in one circle and biker friends in another circle, etc, etc, etc. My (political) friends are a combination of family, friends and bikers on facebook and they don't have to be separated into separate circles of friends even though we have differing opinions.

    Life is too interesting, so why make it boring by putting people in their place (separate little circles of like minded people). This is just my opinion. Google Plus might take off and be a hit, but for now it doesn't look that interesting. Maybe I just don't understand the concept of Google Plus.