Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good Morning. Today it is clear and it looks clean outdoors. The sky is blue, the trees are green. It is quiet and peaceful in Western Kentucky.
I do not intend to ask congress to send my son to a new war. I do not intend to buy goods made by slave labor. These are good intentions but not reality. I painted a pretty picture but you have to live in peace to be peaceful.
I live in peace.
How does a young man in Egypt or LA see peace when he sees his friend lying dead in the street. Does he walk away? Where is the justice of a dead man in the street. The court of law does not help the dead man.
Law is to be aware of and understood.
It is peaceful where I live.

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  1. Good Morning Dennis. We briefly saw blue skies on Tuesday here but now it's drizzly and cloud covered. I do see a beautiful web, covered in tiny drops outlining every single strand that the spider has's very pretty and right outside my window as I sit here and comment.