Saturday, September 10, 2011

Smart Phones

Good morning. Today marks a day in history 10 years ago when Freedom was another word. Never again will we understand the Freedom of talking freely to whoever we please without being monitored by the authorities.
At first it was the automobile which told us how fast we were going on a road. Now it is the authorities that monitor our movement everywhere, especially those of us with smart phones.
I do not think they know they are listening they just follow key words like we search at Google.
I am still upset over all the polls and employment applications that ask me if I am of color. I used to put , "Tan" in the other blank.
I am not sure if the T-Party is racist or the racist just moved there because it was convenient place to hide. I think most T-Party think of themselves as like the group of folks that threw the tea over the side of the ship ( The Boston Tea Party).
What I have seen in Congress of the T-Party is a kid with a the only football in town and will not compromise until he gets his way. Not exactly the American way; that is more like the coal mines and Pinkerton detectives in 1876.
Sometimes we see to much rioting in the streets and sometimes you see too many police in the streets.
Curfews settle things down but you cannot keep the curfews indefinitely.
MotherKitty at one of the entrances of her High School in Hammond, Indiana.

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  1. You know me well enough to know that I say whatever I feel like saying on my smart phone or on any phone. I test the authorities all the time, but as far as I know I still have the freedom of speech.

    The last census that came around asked your favorite question among many others of which we answered none but one. How many lived in our household. They sent it out twice, but we still only answered that one question. And we didn't tell them if we were black, blue or brown.