Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tough Home Made Dishcloth

I use one of these dish cloths. They are tough and home made in the United States. Go get a couple. They will make your day and they are much stronger that the crap you get at Walmart.


  1. They're so pretty that I don't think I could use one to wash dishes with. And why are you washing dishes anyway when you have a dishwasher?

    Those are very pretty Allison!
    love you,
    Aunt Sandy

  2. They are made to use. I use mine to clean the counter-tops and kitchen table plus some dishes. Believe me she makes them to use and they are rugged.

  3. Sandy, yes...they are made to use...and I thought exactly the same thing until very recently. Up until this summer, I just made dishcloths for people who asked for them, but not for myself. My friends sells them for me at the saturday farmer's market and i have been very surprised how much she sells for me. I have sold more there than online on my site all summer....I do use mine for non-grubby jobs, though, like wiping counters and washing dishes....don't scrub the stove or floor with them (yet) :). I have also been making dish scrubbies out of those mesh bags you get apples and potatoes can save those bags for me....

  4. I just also thought to can use them for washcloths in the bathroom, too :)