Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Head Lines

Republicans Stop Jobs Bill! ............................... Corporations Hire Only Employed Workers!

Today is a very nice day in Western Kentucky. Blue skies and off in the distance some gray clouds.
Mom has a change in the hours she works today. She is thinking of working 5 or 6 hours a day.
She works very hard and her back is chronic. Chronic meaning that it will never go away. We have had some great times in our luxurious pool. I do hear birds singing this morning.
I have been watching the Elena Kagan's hearings.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have enough grass clippings to bale but I use them as mulch. I have doing it for years and I just now getting my worms back. I hate to weed so I mulch. I lose a lot of great plants but those that survive are beautiful.

Little Richard

Down below we had a post where our home theater and coffee maker quit working and folks said that something else is going to go wrong because these always happen in 3's. We ll they are right because our ice cube maker in our fridge quit working. Mom is big on ice in all her drinks and we will get it fixed. Pay day is very close and we are down to our last few bucks.
And it is a pleasant day in Western Kentucky, blue skies and fluffy clouds and very quiet. No birds singing this morning. We do have a ticking clock and a fan running in the kitchen (fridge).

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We have birds singing outside and mom went out to check the pool water temperature. I like it at 86 degrees and mom likes likes 86 or higher. She said it was 86 degrees out there. We are going swimming sometime this morning.
We are not at war here in Western Kentucky and we have no need for any kind of violence. We do protect the human beings that want only peace. We throw no bottles at any authority nor do they pry into our homes. We do not need the soldiers patrolling our streets, we obey the laws of the land. We have no fear hovering in doorways and slipping underground.
We are a nation in constant revolution from the T Party Revolution to the Drop Out Revolution we are in constant turmoil.
We raise our voices in the polls, letters, soap boxes and ballet boxes.
I went to bed early and I am up in the middle of the night. Mom is up too. it is dark out and our fan roars like the wind, it cools. Our pool is cool at the moment , I will have to heat it tomorrow to clear the chill it may promise.
I just parts of Sandra Bernhard's, " Without You I'm Nothing (1990) " and it is good, different, emotional, sexy and she sings rather well.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I tried to swim underwater and I could not. I tried I swimming above water and could not.
I can paint a little and do house chores but everything else is a chore. Walking is out.
It is cloudy out side but it seems pleasant to the sight of my eye. I hear a ticking of an a clock and the running of a fan. I take those movements for granted. The ticking mechanism is a simple battery operated clock someone created from the idea of a wind up clock being very small with a motor to turn one gear. It is not very precise and has to be corrected every few days. The fan motor is simply placed in front of cold coils and it turns on when the thermostat drops below 77 degrees.
Everything above but the idea that is cloudy is created by human beings on the planet earth. They were created by hand and machine before I was born. There are places on the planet where ideas create something new. At first it was the chipping of stone or the carving of wood that placed ideas together today we are so far away from how things are.
Someone said the other day that world communication is a fact. I can talk to anywhere on the planet because the technology is there in the palm of their hands with a smart phone. All they need is a hand crank charger or a large battery to charge it. Society has placed towers on land every where and satellites in the sky everywhere.
It is peaceful in Western Kentucky.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I went out right after mom left for work and painted sealer on the railing. I moved pretty fast in the cool morning and after this break I should be about done with the railing.
The deck is a different matter all together. Because I splattered the sealer last year I have a job and a half removing the leopard spots off the deck. Nothing but paint remover has done anything at all and paint remover just took off the top layer. I think just hard work and a scraper will do the job but hard work is not in these old bones for any time longer that 15 minutes.
In just the short time I was in the deck railing heated a little too hot to put the sealer on. I need to move our umbrella over the railing to cool it with shade which works well in this heat. Under the umbrella to sealer applies well enough to do the job correctly.

Driver's license office sued over immigrant's seized ID

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have 80 % of the railing done on the deck. It looks like rain and I felt it in my bones. Hopefully it will wait until 11:00AM because that is when what I stained this morning will be OK. I finished at 9:00AM.
Mom if off to work and i must now do some dishes, I have put that off while working on the deck.
It is peaceful and quiet in Western Kentucky as I speak. Folks around here obey the law and do not kill Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Catholics. Is that what the terrorist hate?
The only animal around here that does any terrorizing is Peaches our dominate female cat.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Non Repairable Products

It seems that every product that is made is non-repairable. Two nights ago mom said that her DVD movie player would not turn on. I checked it out and it did have power to the inside fuse that was good but beyond that point the power went nowhere. It was dead.
This morning I went to make some coffee and pulled out my coffee basket to put coffee into it and out came the upper portion of our coffee maker. No coffee this morning unless I boil some water and coffee together and strain it which I may do.
I like the new teas available so it is tea or coffee, I may pour hot water over my coffee filter in my pot.

The Power of Oil

Back in the 1960's our young men and women understood the difference between a world filled with oil ready plastic materials. We tried to change but the planes still flew over our skies.
Jimmy carter gave us a choice and we chose oil.
Oil is like paper when burned it goes up in a vapor, oil poured falls to earth.
Coal when burned goes up in a vapor then clunkers fall.
The days of oil are numbered as are the days of coal and limestone.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Law and Order vs The Constitution

Because our country in now over-crowding we as a nation are becoming more dictatorial as in frisking citizen that resemble foreigners. Viewing our street corners and our homes with cameras. Making public buildings into fortresses. 1984 has come and gone and we are getting closer to that norm.
The Supreme Court of the United States is moving toward Law and Order vs Our Freedoms as spelled out in the United States Constitution. Gun bans will split our conservative thinkers as weapons will only be allowed in State or Federal Preserves. If you want to hunt you will be able to hunt but you will have to keep the gun on Federally protected gun lock-down Preserves.
We have sunshine in Western Kentucky. I have a stuffed up head moving closer to a sinus or it is a sinus congestion. Headache apply some moisture and open the airwaves.
Are the oil companies going to stop drilling for oil until they get their rights to drill as they please or is Obama going to make them follow the rules and do things right. It seems that the oil states have plenty of folks working in the oil industry and they want work. Oil in the ground is normal oil in the gulf waters is not in this day and age. I have seen oil on the beaches of California in my youth and I thought nothing of it at that time. It was cleaned up.
We did most of our swimming between Seal Beach and Huntington Beach.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Where Do We Place the Reference Point

Where Do We place the Reference Point? Our planet Earth moves around the sun and someone figured out how long it takes to travel around the sun before we come back to the place we started. They counted the days and named them. When did we know to start with day one or has day one been moved around a bit.
Today in the scheme of time started just after midnight. Who made that decision to place the word midnight where it is in time and why can't I move it around as I please? Is history giving me a lesson or wise old wives tale as to where it belongs.
Why is there a reference point at the end of a sentence?
Who decided to give me a number and who was number one?


Where do I stand in this world?
I stand clearly in Kentucky.
Where do I stand in this world of political ideas?
I stand firmly in the center.
On that line above if protecting the environment is on the plus side then places me standing between the zero and the plus sign.
Where do I stand when it comes to the protection of civil rights (protecting or not protecting)?
On that line above if protecting is on the plus side then place me standing between the zero and the plus sign.
Where do I stand when it comes to working hard (a job, a working skill, athletics) to help myself to be a better person, this is not about making money this question is about working to improve your standing in this environment.
On that line above if working hard is on the plus side then place me standing between the zero and the plus sign.
Where do I stand when it comes to working hard to help myself make some money then place me at the zero in the line above?
Where do I stand in uniting human beings together to form a more perfect union?
Such as marriage, united states, labor unions and united nations.
If the plus side is united then place me some where between the zero and the plus sign.
Now where do I place conservative and liberal on that line above?
Now where do I place faith and god on that line above?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Christmas Dinner

We live in a society where Christmas Dinner is every day for the majority of America and most parts of the planet.
Does religion play a part of putting us in our place? I think that our own point of view does that. But does the world as a whole understand my point of view?
I quit a long time ago of slapping my own back to pay for the worlds sins. When I was young 6-28 I felt like Jesus and I placed the world of pain and suffering on my shoulders. I kept my mouth shut and listened.
I learned that I alone had to make a decision as to who pays for the sins of the planet and I decided not to die on the cross and live. I came to the conclusion that I lived in the Garden of Eden and it was my space on this planet I was responsible for.
What does this have to do with Christmas Dinner?
I have to place my body, my being in a good place mentally and physically every moment of the day. I have to stand in the Garden of Eden and keep it as clean mentally and physically.
I have plenty of tools to work with and maintaining that balance with convenience is a matter of choice.
I am not waiting for heaven in the after worlds of life, my world is in the heavens of the universe our planet earth Gaia, our Garden of Eden, our utopia, our Shangri La.

Fathers Day

Today we honor our fathers. Most folks in our family liked my father because he worked hard to give them a home or he was always good to them as an uncle. But I have a hard time with the image of my father not because of how he raised me but what is missing - my mother. I hold my father totally responsible for that loss in my life. My Mothers Day is a memorial for battered women. I understand that he held a space on this planet and he fathered me. I give him that space as we as a nation give space to the dead in our cemeteries. I honor the fact that fathers in this nations are responsible for being there beside their families in all phases of life. Our president speaks with determination about our poor fathers on how to stay home and be responsible.
Children should not be abandoned and left to their own devices. Children should not be a roll of the dice.
I give thanks to the planet and god that from the start I had a mother and father.

What are Virgins Doing in Heaven?

Do you really believe that there are 99 virgins in heaven? Where in the world did a story like that ever evolve? Is this something you tell a teenage boy to get him to do what you want. Did God promise us 99 virgins when we die? Did you know that the guys ahead of me have already met and talked to the virgins and ....
Hey somebody is feeding you a line and this is getting old.

A Tricky Balance for Oil-State Politicians

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Whole Planet is Online

Everywhere you go, every place on the planet there is someone carrying a smart phone. What is the difference between a smart phone and a cell phone. Most cell phones today view and take photos, videos, text, go online, email, have a great calendar, are GPS capable, store my favorite music, google and a wide range of other things.

Peace on Earth

What part of the planet earth is in chaos? Haven't they seen all the videos. I live in a society that is peaceful. There seems to be some sort of propaganda saying that the soil that I stand on is evil and must be destroyed because Allah deems it so.
Where in the world is it as peaceful as my home in the country. My planet around me is peaceful. There is a good reason for the peace in the valley. My mind dwells on peace, my every existence is surrounded in peace, is there any other reason to live.

Girls From North Country

Sealed some of the railings then went swimming when mom got home from work.

World Digital Library

I have Seen The Stimulus Package At Work in Western Kentucky.

Thank You America!

Today I paint the Deck Railing with Sealer. It is going to be a week long project because of the detailed work involved.

Rooibos Plant Red Tea

I spoke earlier about one of the teas I have been drinking. I want to emphasize that it is a good replacement for coffee. I found when steeped 8 minutes it is a robust as any coffee and as satisfying as any coffee I have ever drunk.
We have clouds in the distance on this pleasant morning in Western Kentucky. No wars are being fought here and we do obey the law. We do not kill Christians, Hebrews, or Muslims in Western Kentucky because that is the law of the land plus it is great common sense.
I put a rivet in my favorite pool slippers plus adding SHOE GOO onto them. Hopefully I will get the summer out of them.
We went swimming in the afternoon yesterday and it was refreshing in this heat. We are having a pool party in August to Celebrate Natasha and Tom's Birthday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oil Spills

It is peaceful out with cloudy skies and a whisper of haze/fog. I just made a smoothie with milk and orange juice, I have bananas but they are still green so I did not use them in the smoothie. What I got was something weird. Have you ever squeezed and orange that was not good. Well that was what my smoothie was like. I'll just pour out the juice and figure it as a loss.

Happy Birthday Karen

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We are water folk.

Our planet is a water planet and we are water people. We know what happens without water on the planet we turn to deserts and our bodies burn. We have adopted ourselves to live in extremes for us but without the water we dry up.

We in Western Kentucky have plenty of water and humidity this time of year. Tomatoes plants love the high humidity and because of that we have the best tomatoes in the United States.

In a few minutes our Tea Kettle will whistle and I will make a cup of tea. Then I will ready my being to working on the wood railing with our power washer. I did a lot yesterday and I will do a lot today. If I get too hot I will jump in the pool and clean it.
I will take some time today to do dishes I have lapsed in the last two days.
Power washed more railings until I ran out of gas. Could not get it restarted so I took a break and washed some dishes. I am cooling down and resting a bit.

Monday, June 14, 2010

We have some sun shine today. The humidity has been challenging and feels as if you have too walk through a wall of heated water. But we have our pool so if I get too hot I just jump into the pool of water. Time for coffee. I going into the pool now.
We just got out of the pool and I am off to pick up Derrick for his dialysis treatment.
I was power cleaning the deck to prep it for a new sealer, when I noticed that I was getting wetter and I thought "hmm" this power washer is splashing me to much. I come to find out that it started raining about 15 minutes ago.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

God Little Acre

How do we change the garden were in to a better place? How do we keep sane where the planet wants to live fast and easy? The answer is always the mind and what we do to "gods lil acre".
How do you influence a generation of young folks that no nothing about life and live free and easy.
I was out early this morning but the mosquitoes just ate on me as they pleased. Dawn and dusk are the times they feed on me.
My lil garden is almost chemical free. I do use a garden tiller, shredder and mower that use gasoline and oil.
I do have a plentiful amount of garden worms in our yard.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

We spent the day at work (mom) in the pool (mom and pop) and then at Ron's (Lock and Dam) fish fry in Metropolis, IL. When we got home we again went into the pool after dark (firefly's and Stars).
We are just now posting.
This morning I am drinking a Red Tea by Celestial. It says that it is a natural antioxidant. It has a name to the side that says Madagascar Vanilla. I drink it like coffee as it reminds me of the feeling I get of drinking coffee without the caffeine.
This the Rooibos plant that the tea comes from.
Laurel Rose and I are in discussion on how to play scrabble on the kitchen table. She and her mind with me and my laptop?

World Oil Spill

It seems that since the planet is dependant on the funds that BP makes per year that the cost of cleaning up the mess that BP contractors made is spreading deep into the well and the dependants are crying foul.
The gusher is reciprocal under water, above water they earn money below water they pay money.

Friday, June 11, 2010

John Prine and Iris DeMent - In Spite of Ourselves

John Prine and Iris DeMent - In Spite of Ourselves

I thought this was really funny and cute. Mama might think it crude.

I played it again this morning. I found it refreshing because it put a smile on my face. I do not know the movie their talking about?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We Had A Great Time At Kitten Yarn's and Little Brothers Party.

Using the Internet Soap Box is a good way to influence society in a positive way.

Sometime in the future our families will be surprised as to what we wrote. There are a lot of us write for our personal point of view not worrying about the future and to what it brings to our writing. Today's post may influence what you see today if it is published.
I plan to rewrite a post I made and put it in the local paper and ask folks if they agree to cut it out and mail it to our United States Congressmen.
Using the Internet Soap Box is a good way to influence society in a positive way.

Arabs and United Nations at War

I was away for a few days without a modem but I did voice my opinion. One opinion I lost because I did reformat my hard drive without backing up one days post.
But here is an opinion if I can find it.
Good Morning
Helen Thomas said that the Jews should leave Israel. I remember that that was a well known phrase in Germany. Jews go somewhere but not in Germany. The folks in Palestine are saying it every day.
I thought that as a whole the planet had found a home for the Jews in 1947. Now the Jews are a world scapegoat.
Give the world any excuse.
It is true that the Jews have been a little too arrogant and quite strong in their military presence. But they are not going anywhere without some type of provocation.
I think that Palestine is Palestine and the folks there will have to live together. The world said so just after the Second World War.
Are we having second thoughts as a world?
Apparently Helen Thomas thinks so.
It is quiet in Western Kentucky. My modem is dead and I write this on a word processor this morning.
I bought a new modem from AT&T Friday by telephone and it will be here today or tomorrow. Then I will be online again.
I do not miss being online but it is such a great world tool and that it is quite amazing.
If I tried to telephone everyone I wrote online it would be a very big telephone bill. I know that I could pay a service on a telephone and then I could text but I like the ability to use a word processor and then place what I write online.
Again it is peaceful in Western Kentucky because we have laws against violence in this state of being.
Our tea pot is whistling.
I think that they have law in Israel and Palestine against violence but that some folks want to break that peace in that state of being.
Peace is a well known state of being. It can be a simple law or a point of view. It works well in the United States.
The Arab states did not agree on the Jewish partition in 1947 and have apparently gone to war against the United Nations to prevent the Jewish State of Israel.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Using Religion to Conquer Civilizations

"What the young warriors said was that the religious activism of their
movement was not simply a struggle over land or politics. It was an ideological struggle.
Their social involvement had an intensely personal commitment, and it was motivated by
the heady sense of spiritual fulfillment and the passion of holy war. Their enemy was not,
however, another religion: it was the a-religion, or irreligious as they imagined it, of

Using Religion to Conquer Civilizations
Our modern wars of 1960 t0 2010 employ these tactics. They were tried in the sixties with the hip young in California but the young saw the flaw in the argument.
As of today the oil companies are the modernity in the statement below.
We as a nation are in constant upheaval whereas dictatorial armies in other nations make this logic possible.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We were in Nashville yesterday where Motherkitty had a doctors appointment. We arrived at Vanderbilt Health Clinic at 10:30 AM and mom had a series of tests and conversations with the doctor until 3:30 when we headed back toward Murray to drop off our daughter. Mom is exhausted but we still have to get my truck from the repair shop where the air conditioner was recharged. I have a list of supplies to get that we have put off until now.
It is rather peaceful in our home this morning. Birds our eating at the bird/cat feeders. They can have cracked corn, thistle, dried fruit, sunflower seeds and mullet. The cracked corn I use at the bottom because it is difficult to wet during a thunderstorm.
The big story in Nashville was the flooding last month. Everyone at the clinic was talking about recovering slowly.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Got behind on my housework so I have to clean house then clean the pool.
I still have not gotten used to Google Chrome. I may doing something wrong but I think it works best on "Hand Helds" where your fingers move/slide and no searching or typing is required.

Propaganda and Facade

It is easy to see the politics and propaganda in this photo. There is a ship loaded with weapons of mass destruction going to the Gaza Strip and Israel stops it.
I see the facade and the movement of words over the Internet.
No one would care if medicine, food and water were the only items sent in but when you decide to send in rockets to annoy your neighbor, "Hey Turn Down the Music!"

Dialysis and Politics

Why isn't it a good gesture on society as a whole to provide transportation to those going to dialysis three times a week. I think that the politicians have not thought of it yet. I mean it is a no brain er of an idea. What a wonderful feather in their caps.
We honor the walking wounded every chance we get. This is a good thing.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks' by Rebecca Skloot

You have to read this. What happens to this women and her family is absolutely amazing, no amazing in not the proper word.