Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pool, Deck and Web

I painted some on the deck rails and worked on the NARFE website; photos and updates.

Yard Work for Allison and Mom

Good Morning,
Our daughter Allison came from Murray, KY to visit with us; she wanted to be near mom who has been recovering from back surgery. They visited a green house, bought flowers and then we went to lunch; after lunch mom and Allison went to the public library. When they got home they planted the flowers and mulched around them. They worked up front and I stayed out of the way (it was a mother-daughter get together). Mom and Allison needed that. They were extremely proud of the work they did together.

Mom is getting better as she charges through the pain; folks that have had back surgery know what that means.

I cleaned the pool yesterday and did some web site stuff. Because I was hacked I added more protection to my web sites but that made it almost impossible for me to enter the sites to work.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Star Spangled Banner

Our Granddaughter in her Red, White and Blue School Day.

12 Noon
Allison and mom are planting flowers up front.

Home Runway

Good Morning,
43 here at home outdoors and 70 degrees indoors. Our home is a product of 200 years of effort to have a home for everyone in the United States of America to live safely and comfortably. As it stands now my home should be torn down. High standards were not used in its construction. But I must say it is economical. The same idea with quality products would make this home really great; but because of economics I cannot maintain this home.
I was watching the government speak about airports and I realized if the government in Congress would treat our airports like they treat me then all the airports would be full of potholes.
I was outside cleaning the pool, getting ready to home test it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Where the Bison Roamed

Good Morning,
Today I mow the grasses in our yard. Lawn is something folks plant and weed; here it all comes up and you have to keep it down. The buffalo did it and so can I with a lawn tractor.
I was looking at the map where there was good pasture in Kentucky when the settlers arrived in Kentucky and they were the Rolling hills around Lexington, Bowling Green and Hopkinsville. Those prairies were from east and west across Kentucky and the Bison kept those prairies cut low and they followed their traces. Most of the land was forest but the Bison did manage the prairies in Kentucky.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Pink, Gray and Ringing

Good Morning,
44 degrees and very pleasant outside; I hear birds outside and the ringing in my ears inside out home ( I used to say it was the current running through the wires of our electrical home or Cicada' outside our home, anyway this sound is what the ringing in my ears sounds like). I see pink outside one window and gray outside another.Today I clean the pool and cut some new tree sprouts that have invaded our flower bed.
I feel good about myself mentally and physically.
Pool 65 degrees!
I cleaned the bottom of the pool, now I let the pool wash for a day then shock it. After I shock it I send a pool water sample to a lab (every year) and they determine what happens next. Lee Pools is our specialist for determining what the pool needs. They have been reliable, caring nicely for our needs. We now have family pool help which makes life easier for these old legs and back. I removed our solar heater last year (we had a bad leak) and that makes a difference. In our past we have been in the pool because of the solar heater by now. But last years algae bloom was causing some havoc in our abilities.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some Rain

Good Morning,
We had a very hard rain yesterday I do not know how much rain but it made our yard look like two streams and a lake for a small time. When I first moved to Marion I worked at dam 50; we were a national weather station at the dam. The dam is now gone and so is the weather station; 20 years ago I kept a rain gauge at our mailbox to keep track of our daily rains. Well I miss that so I am going to make or to place a rain gauge on our mailbox. So I do not know how much rain we had yesterday and last night; all I can say it was a lot. The video was between showers. 
It is 50° outside this morning and 69° inside our home.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Good morning,
It is 57° outside this morning; no rain. I'm going to look at the weather radar and see where the storms are at:
Somehow I missed the storms, the rain, the thunder and lightning. One one of our cats went out last night, she is back in now and she looks dry.
I went to the dentist yesterday, I had an adjustment on my dentures; we did some shopping, got bagels and bread. This morning I tried and used some denture strips. I also found out that you have to open your mouth wider otherwise you will push a banana into a smiling face.
I normally do not say when I read other people's blogs; but I do visit and read them (family).
I drank hot coffee and it felt good.
Mom and I are staying busy. She drove to and back from Paducah, KY. yesterday. She was fine driving and I think it was an adventure for her; a mixture of good and bad. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Darkness of the Morning

Good Morning,
Light blue, light gray and a little pink in the sky this morning; it is 42 degrees out there and 71 degrees  in here. We got up to late to see the darkness of the morning. I mowed the short grasses in our yard yesterday plus we went to mom's PT after the mowing. We went shopping for groceries which we had not done together for a while in time. When we got home I had a soup (Chicken & Gnocchi ( I am not a soup person)) which we got a Olive Garden in Clarksville, TN. Mom made a dish she placed over rice. It will be summer before it warms enough to get into the pool. Mom wanted to order a heater but by me fixing a leak last year I removed the fittings for the heater so to place the heater in the pool it would cost some extra money. maybe next year.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

36 and 38 Degrees -Fighting the Aging Process

Good Morning,
36 at our front stoop and 38 degrees at our deck readings this morning. Could that be a frost?
Well it is warm inside our home. Our home is warm at 72 degrees but it is not maintained as it should be but at our age we do not that kind of funding; so our home falls apart as we age. It will be of not much use by the time we pass the property on.
We went to Clarksville, TN. yesterday to see mom's back doctor and we were shocked at what we heard. Mom is OK but in need of a lot of work (as in work mom). Our son said the same thing; I was worried that mowing the other day had hurt mom as after she mowed she hurt, but the doctor said she is fine, mowing is fine. 
Fighting the aging process. We had a nice rainbow over the city of Marion the other day. The Rains washes the leaves clean and makes the grass green and grow.
I am active this morning doing washing and folding, feeding cats and going about the Internet and posting as I may. doing things but I get the feeling that I do not know what I am doing. Sometimes I just do it and there it is; done.
Just finished mowing the yard. It was very wet in the very back; if I keep it short it dries out quicker. This is an older photo of the yard before mowing. The lawn is that green at the moment.that is one of the nice perks we have is lawns that are normally green; they would turn to forest if left unattended.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Three Chairs

Good Morning,
Our pool has turned green with the warm weather. I did place some algae killer in the pool plus I scrub it quite a lot yesterday. I did not finish but I will continue to fight to keep it clean. It takes time and I am persistent about the pool otherwise it turns green then black and then things swirl up like vies and tentacles.
I feel good mentally and physically this morning. Tuesday we will rearrange out living area. We will end up with three lazy boy chairs and sofa which will work out fine for mom. Time for more coffee. It is raining here and 65 degrees outside and it is a comfortable 72 inside our home.
1: capable of being sustained
2 a: of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged <sustainable techniques> <sustainable agriculture>
  b: of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods <sustainable society>
I saw a program where a family in New England (very cold climate) used solar cells on their roof for electricity and a geothermal heat pump with a pipes deep into the earth (well) to heat their home. The two systems were expensive but the geothermal heat pump paid for itself in seven years and lasted a long time. They were still hooked to the grid of electricity but over time they used very little fossil fuels.
I do not know how they traveled to work but my guess they used a train of some kind to get to the city.
Air craft engines are the most wasteful of fossil fuels, second are the trucks on the roads and third is the individual automobile we have at home.
If we travel by train we cut the aircraft fuel. Trucks can burn natural gas. Some of us can reduce our use of automobiles.
Burning our corn and grass (compost) as fuel is wasteful management of our topsoil to produce food and is not sustainable.
The home I live in ( by accident) is halfway there to being sustainable. Because my home sits on a water table the earth below our home never gets below 45 degrees which helps heat our home (sustainable).
I use electricity so I break the rule (not sustainable).
I always tell the story that the 1st year we lived in our home it cost us $89.00 for the entire year to heat water, heat our home and cook our meals using natural gas. We have not changed any habits in the last 30 years other than the price of fuel going up. Heating and cooking in our home is sustainable.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Good Morning,
Today is starting out to be a pleasant spring morning. 55 degrees at the moment outside and 71 degrees inside our home. Not much of a chance of rain today; today I ill continue to clean the pool, it is a difficult job but it is something I can do, "Scrub a Dub Dub".
After retirement, mornings are not the time to get ready for school or work; time is for reflection.
Took a break from cleaning the pool; mom is on the phone out side. I have to take these breaks otherwise I get back problems; so I work 15 and rest 20. It looks that the algae is going to be a problem real quick in the pool. Right now it is hard scrubbing, "Scrub a Dub Dub".

These are older pictures and it is a wee bit cool to be in the pool and
 I have lost some weight since the photo on the lawn tractor.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Good morning,
we went to visit another NARFE chapter and Benton, Kentucky. I wish we had taken pictures but I forgot my phone. Mom and I had a good time. We stopped in Benton to pick up supplies for the pool and garden.
Last night our son-in-law Jason came by with his brother Brent and dropped off a chair that mom needed.
Just finished mowing the yard. It takes just about the same amount of time as my old mower.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Growing Fast

Good morning,
I am up late this morning; I spent the day yesterday cleaning the pool, I got it half done. I feel good but mom was sore yesterday.
It rained yesterday, not a whole lot but enough for the grass to grow in our area and our yard. We will  be mowing the yard twice a week; it is growing fast.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gilbert's Baptism

 A Celebration 

Our brother Gilbert was born Jan 1952. I knew him only as an infant. 
Gilbert was baptized at the San Gabriel Mission. My father's family grew up and attended this mission, those that live nearby still do. Who attended this celebration, just about everybody in San Gabriel. What I do remember is that I went to the Mission  with Margie, Sandy, Gilbert, and my dad, Tom. Gilbert's godfather, who I have met from time to time was there too. I think all my dad's family was there. The priest went about his business, saying a prayer or two, and sprinkled holy water on Gilbert's forehead. Everyone hugged and shook hands. Gilbert was now baptized.
What I remember the most was the party held for Gilbert at my dad's father's home. I remember going over there after the baptism. 
My grandfather's (Pablo) place was located in San Gabriel near the Mission on Pearl Street. It seemed large at the time, my perspective that of a 10-year-old boy. His lot measured 75 by 200 feet and consisted of 40 feet across for the building and 35 across for the garden space. There were two gardens on the 35 x 200 feet on the East side of the lot. Each garden measured 30 feet by 75 feet. These were vegetable gardens, and my grandfather would be found there at most times. This practice was carried on by my father also whenever he was able to garden. About 20 feet of space in front of his house was devoted to a walk, flowers, and a concrete pond with a bridge over it. My sister Sandy had her picture taken on the bridge when she was around three, dressed in a Mexican dress. The house occupied the next area. Behind the house was a flower garden, cactus garden, winding paths, and big urns planted with flowers. On the West side was a dirt drive and garage. On the other side were the vegetable gardens. Behind all this, there was a side veranda (covered pergola with grape vines). The veranda was not part of the house. It was measured approximately 25 feet by 45 feet. It was decorated with lattice work and Spanish arches, through which you could enter the veranda from any part except the vegetable garden side. It was painted white with ivy covering most of it. Hanging baskets of flowers were placed everywhere along the sides and some in the center. The concrete floor and Spanish tile made it ideal for entertaining. 
When we arrived at Pablo's home after Gilbert's baptism, the men were standing around a beer truck which was parked in the driveway. They were busy carrying cases of beer to the far southern corner of the veranda. I found all my cousins and sister on the veranda. Sandy, my cousins Margaret Ann, Ron, Gene, and some others were there. They were all chopping at blocks of ice with ice picks. We were all proficient at this task. There were tables set up along the short back side of the veranda on the South side. Someone had placed butcher paper on these tables. These tables would later be used by us, the beer servers. The chopped ice was to be placed in four or more wash tubs, and the beer boxes were stacked in the two far corners. Our job after the ice was chopped was to fill each wash tub with beer, then cover the beer with ice to get it very cold. I knew there was soda pop there for those who wished to have some. The smell of beer was in the air. 
As we were doing our jobs and having a good time, the band was setting up in the upper right North corner of the veranda. I forgot to mention the band. It was a Marimba band, with congas, violin, guitar, marimba and maybe some other instruments. 
The party slowly evolved. As we were setting up, people would come up to our table and ask for a bottle of their favorite beer. Our job was to get the coldest beer and open it at the table. We would then hand them the opened beer. We would also dispose of empty beer bottles, by putting them back in the cases. 
Other things were going on at the party. We were totally lost in our pursuit of passing out beers. The band was playing, people were dancing, and the young hoods were talking in the corner. Everyone was having a good time. There were a lot of Spanish yells throughout the day, a few extra singers, people leaning on friends, and then the party moved on into the night. 
Tamales, Indian corn (our staple), rice, and beans were in the kitchen. If I knew my grandmother, she was there in the kitchen. 

I do not remember too much more than this, but there were a lot of people there having a wonderful time. All our cousins were there so you may ask them about the party under the veranda.
 Gilbert's Baptism
 Pablo Diaz at the Mission San Gabriel
 Mission San Gabriel
 Gilbert's sister Sandy at the Pablo Diaz home in San Gabriel
 Gilbert's sister Sandy (Cowgirl) and Margaret Ann Gomez (Gilbert's cousin) 
Thomas Jesus Diaz and Family
Left to Right: Sandy, Tommy, Gilbert, Margie and Dennis
 Pablo Diaz Home

 Gil Diaz
Left to Right: Dennis Diaz, Pablo Diaz, Gilbert Diaz and Sandy Diaz
The covered pergola with grape vines.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sand and Potting Soil

Good Morning,
 It is 64 degrees outside this morning and 71 degrees inside our home. I feel good mentally and physically. Mom is sleeping and seems in good spirit. She loved the fact that she mowed the lawn yesterday with me (two mowers). We will see today if it hurt her back? I need to fill the holes in the yard. I may buy sand and mix it with potting soil to fill the holes. That may be easier on my back. I bought rock before and my back cannot handle rock anymore.
Mom helped me this morning as I used my garden hose suction machine to clean the leaves off the bottom of the pool; mom used a net on a pole to clean the leaves off the top of the pool.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Good Morning,
It has been a couple of days since my little brother passed away and it is difficult being so far away and it has been difficult because of the distance. He was:
These computers do crazy stuff and this is one of them; now this is not quite accurate since he died a couple of days ago.
I guess I am the hard cast man who toys with the death of a younger brother. His heart was bruised and battered and he died.
Here in Marion it is 53 degrees and where my brothers home is it is also 53 degrees. It is dark in both places and I hear the birds singing outside this morning. I feel good mentally and physically. I cried a bit when I heard the news about my brother.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Third Street

Good Morning,
How strange life is. My father moved from wife to wife very quickly. I lived with my father and mother for 3 years (1941-1944); maybe dad's military service was in here too? I do not know for sure. I lived with my mothers parents from 3 years of age to 9 years of age (1944-1949 I am not sure ). Gilbert was born in 1952 while I was living with Step mother Margie on Third Street (Gilbert's mom). She kicked dad out sometime in the 1950's and I went to live with the Shatter family.
So I did not know Gilbert very much. After my sister moved in 1952 with us ( After dad's mom died in 1952). I went out to live in the spare room behind the house attached to the separate garage because there was no room for me in the house..
I came home one day from school and dad's clothes were piled on this porch. He called and I answered the phone and he said, "Put Sandy on the phone!" He told her to walk me to the corner of Third Street and Woodward where a man would come by and pick us up (Mr. Shattler) and take us to his home.

Friday, April 10, 2015


My Brother Gil passed away today, Rest in Peace Gil.

He had asked me in December if we (my sister and I) had any heart problems. I told him we did not. He said he had to much protein in his heart. after seeing a specialist.


Good Morning,
We had big storm overnight; I do not know if there is any damage outside but inside we slept through most of the storm. My daughter is here with the children. I mowed yesterday but I was stopped by a rain shower, I completed over 3/4's of the yard.
I feel good this morning; I have a mild back ache, I wore a back belt while mowing.
I think the storm is at my sister's home in Berea.
I know one thing for sure, I cannot write! I can write what I think most of the time but without any grace. I do at times flow very nicely but not this morning.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Good Morning,
Sometimes we get lucky and find a great cup of coffee; a great coffee bean. It is a good morning; we had planned to go to Louisville but our plans did not work out but we still enjoyed what we have.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The United States Thinks Differently

Good Morning,
Should I make a list of the things I want? No. That is shopping for the soul, mind and groceries. No I just need to place my body on the planet and see what I have. Well I am in this home; not very good but convenient, safe and economical. You know a good roof over my head. Mom is asleep in the other room and she is safe and comfortable. I can see and feel these keys and screen, a window and cat. There is a ringing in my ears and the sound of a bus backing up (we know from experience that the ringing bell is a bus). I have a mug of coffee and I tasted the coffee and it is just right. I can say a prayer or look for a reminder of how my day should be? The rain outside will limit my thought of mowing. 
The Japaneses simplify chores to a set of clean and clear patterns. I just let things lay. The Muslims have hard law which kills folks like me (too much liberty or thinking differently). The United States thinks differently ( as in each one of us thinks as we please) but obey local and national law.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Did you know that I can post from my LG G 700 tablet? Yes I am doing it now. It is a little more difficult as I am using the tablet keyboard that is a software that looks like this: