Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The United States Thinks Differently

Good Morning,
Should I make a list of the things I want? No. That is shopping for the soul, mind and groceries. No I just need to place my body on the planet and see what I have. Well I am in this home; not very good but convenient, safe and economical. You know a good roof over my head. Mom is asleep in the other room and she is safe and comfortable. I can see and feel these keys and screen, a window and cat. There is a ringing in my ears and the sound of a bus backing up (we know from experience that the ringing bell is a bus). I have a mug of coffee and I tasted the coffee and it is just right. I can say a prayer or look for a reminder of how my day should be? The rain outside will limit my thought of mowing. 
The Japaneses simplify chores to a set of clean and clear patterns. I just let things lay. The Muslims have hard law which kills folks like me (too much liberty or thinking differently). The United States thinks differently ( as in each one of us thinks as we please) but obey local and national law.

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