Saturday, April 25, 2015


Good morning,
It is 57° outside this morning; no rain. I'm going to look at the weather radar and see where the storms are at:
Somehow I missed the storms, the rain, the thunder and lightning. One one of our cats went out last night, she is back in now and she looks dry.
I went to the dentist yesterday, I had an adjustment on my dentures; we did some shopping, got bagels and bread. This morning I tried and used some denture strips. I also found out that you have to open your mouth wider otherwise you will push a banana into a smiling face.
I normally do not say when I read other people's blogs; but I do visit and read them (family).
I drank hot coffee and it felt good.
Mom and I are staying busy. She drove to and back from Paducah, KY. yesterday. She was fine driving and I think it was an adventure for her; a mixture of good and bad. 


  1. So glad to hear that Laurel is slowly getting back to normal. She will feel so much better once she does. Adjusting to new dentures is not too much fun. I think I can finally eat with mine, but really crunchy stuff is still a small problem for me, but otherwise I am doing okay with them. I probably should have gone back for one more adjustment but jury duty knocked me out of going when it was free.

  2. I am using Poly Grip and it seems easier to use than cutting and shaping a pattern with scissors.