Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some Rain

Good Morning,
We had a very hard rain yesterday I do not know how much rain but it made our yard look like two streams and a lake for a small time. When I first moved to Marion I worked at dam 50; we were a national weather station at the dam. The dam is now gone and so is the weather station; 20 years ago I kept a rain gauge at our mailbox to keep track of our daily rains. Well I miss that so I am going to make or to place a rain gauge on our mailbox. So I do not know how much rain we had yesterday and last night; all I can say it was a lot. The video was between showers. 
It is 50° outside this morning and 69° inside our home.


  1. Not much rain for me, just a lot of noisy thunder. At Suzanne's and around Berea they had two rounds of hail the size of golf balls. It did a lot of damage at Suzanne's. Insurance adjusters were all over her place yesterday. I didn't get anything but a little rain, not even a gust of wind at my house. You finally got your lake front property didn't you?

  2. I asked Ron and Gigi if they had any problem and they said no.