Monday, April 27, 2015

Pink, Gray and Ringing

Good Morning,
44 degrees and very pleasant outside; I hear birds outside and the ringing in my ears inside out home ( I used to say it was the current running through the wires of our electrical home or Cicada' outside our home, anyway this sound is what the ringing in my ears sounds like). I see pink outside one window and gray outside another.Today I clean the pool and cut some new tree sprouts that have invaded our flower bed.
I feel good about myself mentally and physically.
Pool 65 degrees!
I cleaned the bottom of the pool, now I let the pool wash for a day then shock it. After I shock it I send a pool water sample to a lab (every year) and they determine what happens next. Lee Pools is our specialist for determining what the pool needs. They have been reliable, caring nicely for our needs. We now have family pool help which makes life easier for these old legs and back. I removed our solar heater last year (we had a bad leak) and that makes a difference. In our past we have been in the pool because of the solar heater by now. But last years algae bloom was causing some havoc in our abilities.


  1. Whoever had to climb into your pool to clean got cold I bet. 65 degrees is too cold for a dip. I shiver just thinking of it, burrrr. Glad you have help now.

  2. I did it all with a long pole and stayed out of the pool.