Friday, April 24, 2015

Darkness of the Morning

Good Morning,
Light blue, light gray and a little pink in the sky this morning; it is 42 degrees out there and 71 degrees  in here. We got up to late to see the darkness of the morning. I mowed the short grasses in our yard yesterday plus we went to mom's PT after the mowing. We went shopping for groceries which we had not done together for a while in time. When we got home I had a soup (Chicken & Gnocchi ( I am not a soup person)) which we got a Olive Garden in Clarksville, TN. Mom made a dish she placed over rice. It will be summer before it warms enough to get into the pool. Mom wanted to order a heater but by me fixing a leak last year I removed the fittings for the heater so to place the heater in the pool it would cost some extra money. maybe next year.

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