Thursday, April 23, 2015

36 and 38 Degrees -Fighting the Aging Process

Good Morning,
36 at our front stoop and 38 degrees at our deck readings this morning. Could that be a frost?
Well it is warm inside our home. Our home is warm at 72 degrees but it is not maintained as it should be but at our age we do not that kind of funding; so our home falls apart as we age. It will be of not much use by the time we pass the property on.
We went to Clarksville, TN. yesterday to see mom's back doctor and we were shocked at what we heard. Mom is OK but in need of a lot of work (as in work mom). Our son said the same thing; I was worried that mowing the other day had hurt mom as after she mowed she hurt, but the doctor said she is fine, mowing is fine. 
Fighting the aging process. We had a nice rainbow over the city of Marion the other day. The Rains washes the leaves clean and makes the grass green and grow.
I am active this morning doing washing and folding, feeding cats and going about the Internet and posting as I may. doing things but I get the feeling that I do not know what I am doing. Sometimes I just do it and there it is; done.
Just finished mowing the yard. It was very wet in the very back; if I keep it short it dries out quicker. This is an older photo of the yard before mowing. The lawn is that green at the moment.that is one of the nice perks we have is lawns that are normally green; they would turn to forest if left unattended.

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