Saturday, April 11, 2015

Third Street

Good Morning,
How strange life is. My father moved from wife to wife very quickly. I lived with my father and mother for 3 years (1941-1944); maybe dad's military service was in here too? I do not know for sure. I lived with my mothers parents from 3 years of age to 9 years of age (1944-1949 I am not sure ). Gilbert was born in 1952 while I was living with Step mother Margie on Third Street (Gilbert's mom). She kicked dad out sometime in the 1950's and I went to live with the Shatter family.
So I did not know Gilbert very much. After my sister moved in 1952 with us ( After dad's mom died in 1952). I went out to live in the spare room behind the house attached to the separate garage because there was no room for me in the house..
I came home one day from school and dad's clothes were piled on this porch. He called and I answered the phone and he said, "Put Sandy on the phone!" He told her to walk me to the corner of Third Street and Woodward where a man would come by and pick us up (Mr. Shattler) and take us to his home.

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