Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yard Work for Allison and Mom

Good Morning,
Our daughter Allison came from Murray, KY to visit with us; she wanted to be near mom who has been recovering from back surgery. They visited a green house, bought flowers and then we went to lunch; after lunch mom and Allison went to the public library. When they got home they planted the flowers and mulched around them. They worked up front and I stayed out of the way (it was a mother-daughter get together). Mom and Allison needed that. They were extremely proud of the work they did together.

Mom is getting better as she charges through the pain; folks that have had back surgery know what that means.

I cleaned the pool yesterday and did some web site stuff. Because I was hacked I added more protection to my web sites but that made it almost impossible for me to enter the sites to work.

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