Monday, April 13, 2015

Sand and Potting Soil

Good Morning,
 It is 64 degrees outside this morning and 71 degrees inside our home. I feel good mentally and physically. Mom is sleeping and seems in good spirit. She loved the fact that she mowed the lawn yesterday with me (two mowers). We will see today if it hurt her back? I need to fill the holes in the yard. I may buy sand and mix it with potting soil to fill the holes. That may be easier on my back. I bought rock before and my back cannot handle rock anymore.
Mom helped me this morning as I used my garden hose suction machine to clean the leaves off the bottom of the pool; mom used a net on a pole to clean the leaves off the top of the pool.

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  1. glad everything is going well right now and that mom is feeling well enough to get up and around and help mow and do other things she wants to do. Love you guys