Monday, April 30, 2012

Why am I writing?

Putting words on paper, exercising the writing skill. Thoughts and ideas have left for the day. Is there some way to make these words understandable and poetic? We know love when we see it and feel it. Our throats swallow and our tear glands work. Memories, movies and beautiful stories sometimes convey the emotions of love. We sometimes love a written story or emotion, we sometimes love another being, we sometimes love life. I have been blessed I have loved them all, I have loved another human, I have loved life, I have loved the written alphabet that conveys ideas to others. I love the fact that I can send an emotion of love to the world. People ask me to try to convey my good emotions to the world. I have a lifetime to try. We are interwoven strands of ideas, colorful patterns in tapestry. Our lives intertwine with words and thought. We want the earth to be at peace. We care and speak truthfully. Time has moved forward, we still love and speak clearly.
Why am I writing?
I want the world to know that I care. I want the world to know that if they know what I think. They will have a friend that understands. People say that the mind sometimes is lost in depression. A depression that does not allow people like me to come too close. I always feel that a mood can be changed with understanding. People tell me that what I think cannot help the person with the will of depression. That these people are beyond help.
I only wish that they have a nice day followed by another. I hope that the wheels that turn in their heads look at the life at their feet. I only wish that they have a nice day followed by another.

 Decipher every word that I write.
Get a dictionary out and study each word that I write.
Understand what I write.

Why do we do this?

That's where it's at.
We continue on, we move forward.
Time passes, we try to look over our shoulder or quickly turn around to try to view our footsteps or past.
But looking back only moves us forward.
No matter what we do we are always occupied with the present.
It may seem as if we dwell in the past but we are always living in the present.
Sometimes our mind thinks that others are living in the past,
thinking maybe their mind is occupied with only the past,
but they are truly living in the present.
No matter what we do we are always here.
Everyone is moving on a different path.
Our paths cross at different points in this odyssey.
We meet, we love, we reflect and we sometimes hate.
I sometimes assume that I was a flaw in someone's high point in time.
Ideas and goals are as different as the points in time we occupy.
Where is the common goal in our travels?
Sometimes I wish I had the answer.
The only answer that I have is this moment in this point and time.
And I choose to enjoy it even though this puzzle, this life is not complete.
We assume that we should always be right.
That every word that we write has to make sense.
That every structure that we build has to be square.
That every moment has to be good.
Green trees stand out there with the earth below and the sky above.
Everyday they seem to stand there like the same picture but we know that there is a difference.
Sharing that knowledge seems to be a comfort to me.
Is there a point in time where someone reads what I write and understands what I say.
Is there a point in time where what I write helps a child to understand
the meaning of their existence making them walk away with a knowing smile on their face.
If I could only know?
I am not blessed with that kind of social security.
I will always doubt my efforts to make sense of this world.
That's where it's at.
Good morning,
I have been told that this has been one of the driest April's in Western Kentucky. We have had some rain but not very much; we normally mow twice a week in April and we are just mowing maybe once a week. We never water anything until late June and my wife is watering her plants now. The trees are very green but they dig deep for water.
We relaxed yesterday and mom planted some flowers in her pots; that was good because her stomach was upset by food poisoning or something going around her work area; she had to come home early Saturday because she lost her lunch at work. She said that some others there had the same problem; she had told me that two days ago they sent everyone nonessential home; she thought it was strange but I guess now we know.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crittenden County Track Team

The track at City Park was built for the Crittenden County Track Team. The reason is it out at the City Park is because there was no room around the current football stadium for a track. So the money raised for the track was placed out at the city park and the track was built at its current location.
The track is in need of maintenance and it is the job of the community to repair it so it may be used safely.
Sunday Morning, It is still dark outside this morning; I know by the clock that the sun will bring daylight soon. Man has been observing the sun for as long as he has survived on the planet and we as a society of human beings have been placing marks on time. One method is the mechanical watch with batteries. Mine is telling me that it is 5:28 and daylight will soon be here. We have charted that too; the sun will rise about 5:58.
I may plant tomatoes today; I have all the intentions to do so but being the Sun Day I may just relax.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Back Roads Map

I spent the morning downtown at the Crirttenden County Coalition for a Drug Free Community Booth at the Crittenden County Back Roads Tour from 0800 to 1300.
The Back Roads are the back roads on the northern section of the county where the Amish live on their farms.
There were at least 100 quilts on display at the Marion Commons Chambers (a large meeting room where the city council meets). Everyone that went in to see the quilts got to vote on their favorite plus sign the guest book. I offered to post the photos online if anyone took any photos of the quilts.

Friday, April 27, 2012

After Midnight,
After work Mom got me 12 tomato plants ( 4 Roma, 8 Better Boy) and 4 pepper plants to go into the garden.  Today I will get some composted cow manure and organic compost to put in the tomato holes beneath the plants. I will ring the tomato plants with newspaper collars to keep the cutworms away. The organic matter will supplement the soil and encourage worms to make the garden spot a better home (it is a new garden just a year old).
It now a good morning; I feel sore from tilling the garden yesterday. It s nothing serious just good work sore. Today I will run to town and get some cow manure and organic compost (I have some but it is under the pool in the old garden and more around our Hackberry tree stump (that compost is just waiting for the stump to rot and then I will have a flower garden spot for a later date)).
I filled up the bird feeders last night and today I will clean out the hummingbird feeders and give them fresh nectar.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mom wanted to go to the Sturgis Kentucky Antique Mall where a photo of Dam 50 was hanging on the wall. She wanted to take a photo of the photo to bring home so that I could put it on line. She took the photo and we window shopped for about 45 minutes and found too much stuff to bring home and besides it is that time of the month where the pantry has food but no gravy. We loaded the photos into the van and came home. The photo was so big that it took three photos of the picture to make the original.

I worked with all three photos and came up with a similar photo to place online. It was so large that we needed a hand truck and elevator to get it up on the website.
Here is the address of the photo online:

Made some wood chip with my shredder.

Tilled a space for my store bought tomato plants; I normally start them from seed during the late winter but this year I am old and lazy and will buy them already in pots. I will re-till the space I did  in about a 1/2 hour. It is time for lunch.
Did you go over and see the panorama?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good Morning,
It is clearly a morning that brings Spring to mind; birds are singing and feeding at the feeders; the sky is blue and the trees are green and full with with new leaves, Iris's are splendid and delicate.
When I drink too much coffee my head aches the morning after; I know the answer so this morning it is decaffeinated coffee which is not the same.
Today I mow the lawn; it is really not a lawn but splendid weeds kept very short.
Kitten Yarn made a mat for me to place my coffee cups; it is 4" X 8" and the cats think it is a splendid carry away fighting/playing cloth because every morning I have to go find it somewhere near this chair. Also they (the cats) love to steal my ponytail hair bands and flip them into the air and they finally end up in their water dish. Yuck! We have a woven grass hamper and the cats have made it their personal scratching post it is pitiful looking (as are the front arms of our couch).
The decaffeinated coffee has done it's work and the head is a half bloom head instead of a full bloom (full bloom stops the blood flow and causes the head to aches).
I worked on my Kentucky NARFE Website yesterday updating it (I completely redid it (first page) as it was carrying too much unwanted (below the surface) luggage.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have been busy redoing my NARFE Website. Fixing things that go nowhere and places that are outdated.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Morning, mom is doing genealogy and I was puttering around on this laptop computer. Last night we went to see Dancer Girl at a dance class recital at Lovett Auditorium, we have been going to Lovett to see shows since the mid 90's. She has been dancing there for about 4 years now. 
Our daughter Kitten Yarn played in the Symphonic Brass Ensemble there for many years (oboe).
Dancer Girl's performance was exceptional  as usual. She has a dancers grace; Little Sister has that same grace on the gymnastics floor. Kitten Yarn said that Dancer Girl (in the green "Poodle" skirt) looks shorter because she is doing "The Twist".

Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Yard is Organic

Good Morning I am up early this morning. I spent some time (not a lot ) just some particular time yesterday planting some flowers for mom in a tire. It turned out well and now I have to move some rock again; I will do that last as moving rock seems to end my day. I will work on my brush pile and make more mulch.
I saw a field in Atlanta Georgia on television that was just dust. It reminded me terribly of the dust storms of Oklahoma in the 1920's. The farmer had no clue that his field was so close to being a disaster. He was saying that without rain he would have no crops. What I saw on television was soil without substance (sticks, straw. hay, cornstalks, worms, bugs, leaves, manure, decayed matter). Being dependent on chemicals to grow crops is asking for trouble.
Before coming to this web page (blog) I was trying to download a photo of composted soil, organic soil and I was having a terrible time as my computer was trying to update itself (Windows  Update). It was the wrong time of the day to do that as I also say a few words on my blog at this hour of the morning or do some website work (maintanence).

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Skype Conference Call

Good morning. I do have some time to myself this morning as I am putting off some chores to just be.
Mom is happy that I fixed my laptop; it was perplexing to say the least.
Using an old tire for a flower pot at the side of the house; the tire has been leaning against the brick house for at least 15 years; I couldn't plant the flowers in the tire while it was leaning against the wall so we had a conference call and as a group we decided to lay the tire down flat near the steps or "Put the tire over there!"

United States Federal Employees at Work

This is for my United States Senator Rand Paul that wants to 
reduce my benefits I earned out in cold winter ; 
he told me we all have to make sacrifices.
TThis is for my United States Senator Mitch McConnell that wants
 to reduce my benefits I earned out in hot summer; 
he told me we all have to make sacrifices.

Suck the Ryan Budget
Give me what I earned.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We have had a cold spell for a week now as the average temperature has stayed around 60 degrees with cool nights in the 40's; very normal. The storm that caused the tornadoes out west stayed below us and caused no weather at all here in Western Kentucky.
I finally fixed my laptop. I had to replace some corrupt software and do a complete cleaning and replaced the operating system with a new copy from the disk.
I also worked on my brush pile; I will wash clothes and make some mulch with my shredder and I may water my planted beans to give them some moisture.
My back has been without pain for some time now; mentally my mind is working internally (under the skin) and outwardly as it pertains to outward health (do not hurt my being and visit a doctor when he can help). My internal structure is a great workforce for good health; give it time and understanding.
Mom was off sick yesterday but the rest did her some good. She wanted to work but was not capable.
She felt better last night when she went to bed.
Our pool which was warming into the mid 80 degree mark has dipped back into the 60 degree mark; which is a little to cool to jumped into and clean or work on.

It is 42 degrees outside at the moment; mom has gone to work. I am fixing a cup of coffee for my wake up call.
Polly I just came by for morning hello and a neck rub.
I have some extra time and I am moving rock; back breaking but still possible.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Penny Arcade

I spent the day yesterday relaxing and catching up on placing photos online at the NARFE Website:

I did not finish so I have more to do yet. I did learn at the convention on how simple a remote works to do a presentation with a projector and Microsoft Power Point. I did not learn much about Skype as a friend had set up his computer to do the presentation. 
My speakers system worked flawlessly with the Skype call.
I had no time to relax during the breaks as that was the time for me to set things up. I lost my internal wireless WiFi card during my time there at the convention; it worked great during rehearsal but gave up 1/2 hour before show time; I had to borrow a computer to do my presentations. Very embarrassing.
In the photo I am busy trying to do something while everyone else sat and listened.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I have been very busy this past week with the Kentucky Federation of Chapters Convention in Hopkinsville Kentucky. I had to set up my laptop to a projector and power point with four different people. My computer lost contact with the Internet so I had to borrow one to continue with my presentations. When I got home I placed the photos mom took on line at the history section of our website (Kentucky Narfe).

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Today I relax. Say hello; spend the day in silent prayer for the planet we live on. It is partly cloud in this area of the planet; it is 58 degrees outside and going to warm up into the 70's.
I feel sore, I was looking for a cooler in our garage and I folded up (flattened) and threw out a bunch of empty boxes; I moved my bags of aluminium cans out to the deck to be crushed. I never found our cooler but we have a bunch of two dollar Styrofoam ones from grocery trips to Paducah.
This is a great photo.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Was Jesus’ Last Supper a Seder?

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.
It is a cool 40 degrees outside this morning. The Day is clear and the sky is a comfortable blue, no wind and I think the birds are sleeping in until the sun warms them up a bit. The only sound I hear is the water falling into our aquarium and the humming in my ears ( mine is a cricket type sound which is quite comforting).
Mom works all day and today I will mow and move some brush around.
Mom and I are going to try to plant some azaleas this year. We planted some some time ago but they were in the shade and wet and  did not do well.
I asked mom to buy a egg coloring kit so that I could give it a try. I may also color some plastic eggs I saw in the store the other day.

Details and History of Crucifixion

Walmart Learned That ALEC Is Bad for Business

Friday, April 6, 2012

The cat "Polly I" was outside for some time this morning and I was looking out the front door and there was "Polly I" just waiting to come in. I opened the door and "Poly I" ran to the kitty litter to do her business.  My tiller is in the shop to be fixed at the moment so when I get it back I will dig up a soft spot and show "Polly I" how to do her business outdoors.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cool, moist, overcast and cloudy is what is outside this morning; no frost just a bit cooler. I decided to rest  and hook up a speaker system for the NARFE Convention, so that I would not need any real long cable to the PA system (public address system) in the convention room; I think I found my answer. It is a cheap surround sound speaker system that I bought for my computer. I found three sets of cables which I can use if needed; I may need all three cable option, I will look around my cable stash for more options.
About Coffee: I seem to like Nantucket Blend by Green Mountain Coffee more that any other blends of coffee but it may be "just whatever" I feel on a particular day.
I am spending the day washing dishes and clothes and setting up speakers.
I feel good; I am working with my body and whoever can help to get the full function of inter workings, mental working and outside help (doctors, religious philosophy and friends).
I found all the cables to hook up the speaker system and I hooked up the speakers to my computer and they worked great. I bought the speaker at Walmart to use with a wave editor on my desktop in Allison's room.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I spent the day yesterday re-cleaning the pool and adding chemicals to clean and clarify the pool. The pool was heating up nicely it was near 75 on the bottom and 85 on the top yesterday.  have some work to do on the steps and then it is ready to use.
Today I have to get gas for the yard machines and then shred some shrubs and old tomato vines. 
Every day this week has been blue, green and clear.
We finished clearing/cleaning the deck and mom washed it with the garden hose. She planted some annuals in 4 pots for the deck.
I got the gas for the yard machines and a protective surge protector for my coffee maker which came back yesterday afternoon while we were out cleaning the deck (it was sitting on the front stoop when I went out to take the trash cans to the street).

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I watched the game last night and boy am I tired this morning. I loved the first half and I knew how the second half was going to turn out; It upset me to hear those announcers saying that Kentucky had won with five minutes left to play; to me it was like a hex. They were wishing for the upset; I am glad that Kentucky prevailed and won the game.
Go Big Blue and thanks "coach" for doing such a good job this year.

The Kentucky Wildcats
Are NCAA Basketball Champions of 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Check out how they were dancing on this video.

For the grandchildren.

Go There

Bucket of Bolts Golden Retriever

Good Morning
Right after breakfast I am going out to mow.
The pool is warming up nicely. Sometime this week I am going to jump in and test the water - well maybe?
Mom has gone to work and tonight Kentucky plays basketball for the last time this season.
I think my coffee is done; I'll be back in a minute.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

It is 65 degrees outside this Sunday Morning; it drizzled yesterday until noon, so I waited a little longer to work on the deck, I finished my handouts instead. Mom is off today and she is going to plant some annuals in a flower pot for the deck. I put up a new pool sign as our other was ripped to shreds by the strong winds last month. I cleared off most of the deck; I have a little more to do then wash down the table and deck.
I watched Kentucky play Louisville yesterday. I sure can tell the difference in the way they play, Louisville wanted to overwhelm Kentucky with numbers and a constant pressure on defense but Kentucky understood and played through it. Television time outs always went against "Pitino Ball".
I was surprised that the Kansas basketball team came back from a huge deficit to beat The Ohio State Buckeyes. Kansas will play Kentucky for the Championship Monday night.