Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Never Give a Two Year Old a Jar of BBs
in a Department Store

Mom is off work today, we got our van back yesterday and it is as good as new. Marion Auto Body did a remarkable job. We do not know what the long run will brings but at present the vehicle tracks and runs fine. I drove it to Enterprise Rent a Car in Paducah, Kentucky and I was pleased with how well it drove.
This morning we have partly cloudy skies overhead and a mild 50 degrees.
It is quiet here at home and I am not at war physically but mentally I am at war with the notion of Corporate America stealing my funds or imposing their will on our Congressional members and our budget.

Monday, January 30, 2012

My fare share has been shared. The chaplain punched my ticket

Mom has gone to work this Monday morning. We have blue skies here this morning.
Mom has been driving a loaner while her van has been in the shop. The garage called Friday (we did not see the message until later that night) while we were at the doctors and told that her van was ready.  So we had to wait until today to retrieve her van and return the loaner.
I had a dream that put my emotions on edge; I awoke with a sense of paranoia. It is clear by the dream that my standard of living has fallen and the state of the union does not honor my retirement benefits which were earned and now on the chopping block. My fare share has been shared.
I have called my Congressmen and they said my fare share has been shared and they were not going to honor my 36 years of labor and told me to see the chaplain. The chaplain punched my ticket.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am up early, mom is getting ready for work, she works until noon.
I find that Google Plus is annoying as it duplicates email and Facebook functions. I know that folks that are interested in what I say just come here to this blog. The good thing about it is that it is there.
I turned on the news this morning on my DirecTV,. I found none. I came in here and opened my computer and looked for the news.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good Morning,
Mom has gone to work and I never heard a thing. It is quiet here at home, no gunfire, no cannons, no burning, no midnight raids.
Note for Mom and Pop
What mom and pop want

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bob Dylan - Thunder On The Mountain

Dan Zanes & Friends - Catch That Train

Man rarely leaves the planet and that is a nice reflection.

Good Morning,
Mom is off today and I think she will rest. She worked hard at home filling out forms for her friend.
It is dark out and quiet, peaceful. I hear a furnace fan and water falling.
It looks damp outside and the rain has moved east. The temperature is in the upper 30's.
I will be something nice for the rest of my lives. When I leave this body my remains will turn the soil and perhaps a flower will grow, I may be consumed as a grain and enter another being as enrichment or perhaps I will feed a tree that blossoms in the spring and fruit will feed the hungry. Perhaps I will roll to the sea and rest along the sands and view the planet. Perhaps I will only rest in the soil and push to the highest peak and fall into a volcano and fall as ash miles from home. Man rarely leave the planet.
Whatever, I am a peace with man, god and the planet and I will sustain life forever. That is a nice reflection.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Led Zeppelin - Going To California

Good morning, mom is off and she has a busy day planned. She is going to help our neighbor work on some paperwork via computer.

It is dark outside at this hour and damp 40 degrees. Rain is predicted but we seem to be in a gap so rain is a toss up.
Last night I slept through the night and did not take my midnight medicines until 0430. Which is much later than I normally do.
I noticed that our eldest cat slept through everything yesterday and never budged until late last night. Age does strange things to the elderly.
My computer mouse died on this laptop. Went out in the garage and found a white one that works. It looks like my computer has white bucks. 
Here I am with white bucks.
It is really foggy outside as I speak. During this 1950 time frame boys had purple, chartreuse, orange, brown and blue pants that we wore to school.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good movies bring emotion to the front.

Every time I see a movie that is a love story my emotion just flare up. It is an emotion that you carry forever and it takes just a hint of understanding for the flower to bloom in a full spectacular comfortable lovely emotion. Words never covey the emotion but I did give it a good feeling of words at one time. Those words make most of us blush.
Anyway I do love and always will.

Voice Recorder

Good Morning,
I am a little late in posting this morning as I had to fill in a voucher and download (via built in USB) some recording from my voice recorder.
The recordings were, " The Night Before Christmas " and assorted Christmas sounds. Plus some Chapter 1373 meetings.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Recruiting Active and Retired Federal Employees

Ever since Congress has actively been threatening Federal Employees (Active and Retired) I have been on the war path with Congress and Have been recruiting Active Employee and asking them to join our association (National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE)).
The more folks that join us the more voices we have to fight for our Health Care and Retirement Funds.
Just go here are print out this application and join us in our fight.
 Happy Birthday Jason

25 degrees and frosty here at home this morning; I see pink clouds off on the south horizon. Red sky in the morning. Mom just left our home for work.
I feel good this morning and today I will try to relax and enjoy the day with a little effort.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little History

All the while that  I lived in California in the 1950's it was always assumed that a church was a safe haven from harm of any kind. Everyone that I knew accepted it as truth. Church doors were always open for refuge.
I do not know who broke that trust whether it be Hitler or someone earlier. But as far as I knew the trust was in effect in the 1950's.

Business Card Ad

It is late in the morning and I just shut down my computer and blowed my keyboard down with a can of air to un-stick my "E".
Did you'll read my business card ad above?
I think it is a great idea. The more you place your ads online the more you can count on more hits on your website or customers coming by your store to shop.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

personal business card page

Good Morning,
I have been busy working on the Kentucky NARFE Federation of Chapters Convention and a personal business card page. Mom has been working on the Kentucky NARFE Federation of Chapters Convention Pamphlet that we hand out the first day.
This is Sunday Morning and it is light outside as I just got up; no sun but fog.
I feel good and I have cut my sugar intake somewhat and I have been riding my bike every other day as my body has to recover somewhat. Mentally I am fine though I do wake up with coffee hangovers from drinking my morning cup of coffee.
Mom and I put food out for the birds a week ago and the birds are having a good time at the feeders.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I am at War

I am at war with the corporations that can buy air time on TV.
They have turned the country against itself with the old ploy of divide and conquer.
Young against the old.
Rich against the poor.
Big government against no government.
Equal against the non equal.
Working against the unemployed.
Right against the left.
Good health against Obama care.
Black against white.
Legal against non legal.
It does not matter to them as long as they win the battle for the White House.
They want slave labor or non union labor.
They want to dig anywhere they can without regulation.
They want power. Lots of power.
Police power, War power.
Our county was built on balance.
We were told in our preamble that we were the power.
Before we had a United States Constitution most citizens came from countries with Kings.
In today's society those that have money want the power that kings have and they are willing to buy their way into the White House.
They have plenty of our money to buy slick ads on TV.
We see how dictators run their countries.
Look at China and India and see how money has corrupted the corporate powers that build our smart phones and televisions.
Do we want to be taken care of like the Egyption's took care of their slaves that built their pyramids?

All they need is another not to bright puppet in the White House. They had one and lost that power but it felt good and want it again.
They are this close because I heard yesterday some sweet old lady say in town, " I'll be glad when Obama is gone."
She listened to all propaganda.

Happy Birthday Gil

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christian County, Ky Over 2600 Federal Employees.

Good Morning,
I have been up for a while making a business card ad for the upcoming Kentucky Federation of Chapters of NARFE convention. The convention will be held in Hopkinsville one of the largest communities of Federal employees in Kentucky (2675). There are just 67 Federal employees in our county.
How are you this morning?
I am fine, it is still dark outside and rather quiet. All I hear is the falling of water in our aquarium and the ringing in my ears caused by loud speakers blasting in my ears in my youth (13-55). Mentally I am still there but the difference is the ringing.
I am having a peach and a mug of coffee for breakfast this morning, normally it is just coffee.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The ship is so new that it will run itself. So what does the owners do? They hire who they please and ask them to just follow directions. There is no Captain just a celebrity to smile and shake hands and boast of the ships abilities.
We could do that to a nation.
Good Morning,
It is dark outside at this moment and mom is getting ready for work. We had a tornado in Kentucky yesterday plus strong winds in Eastern Kentucky.
I feel very good this morning as I have been watching my sugar intake these last 10 days or so. Mentally I am sound, being of good mind. Where have we heard those words before?
I have been asked comfortably and nicely by family and friends to formalize my NARFE meetings here at home in Crittenden County. I will do that today at our NARFE Meeting this Morning.

What is the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association

I spent the day yesterday at a board meeting at the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association Kentucky Federation of Chapters.
I created the website for the Kentucky Group. I am also active in recruitment of Federal Employees in Western Kentucky.
Here is one of my Recruitment pages for Western Kentucky. http://narfeky.org/Fort_Campbell_Federal_Employees.html

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good Morning,
It is still dark outside, mom is sleeping. It is very quiet here at home. I see the notion of daylight on this January day.
I got to watch Kentucky play basketball on TV plus I watched a football game too.
Kentucky won but had they done as coach had asked at practice they would have done better. I think they have been watching too much TV (meaning text messaging, cell phone playing/calling, listening to music and television). Coach wants school studies, practice, eat and sleep and of course boys want toys and girls.
I watched a very exciting NFL football game between New Orleans and San Francisco which went down to the last minute (seconds).
I readied myself for my NARFE Meeting next week.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

We got to visit with Jason and family last night at a restaurant in Eddyville, Kentucky. They had gone to a wedding in Greenville and called us to meet them on their way home. We were pleasantly surprised and very happy to meet them. We went to the Oasis Southwest Grill which was loud with people and 7 TV's all on different channels. Our meeting with family was a nice perk for the finish of a day on this planet called Earth.
I just had a mug of coffee and a Wolferman's delightful currant scone. We got the Wolferman's package via express yesterday. It was a holiday gift from Aprilyn and Eli.
I made a cup of coffee from the coffee included in the package; it is a very mild blend of coffee.

What is in the box?

We Recently  received a package from our Son Eli and his Wife Aprilyn and we were surprised as to why it took some time getting to us. Now we know why as these photos show.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Good morning,
Flurries all day and night and not much to look at as far as accumulation goes; outside it just looks like there are places that are slick and some places that the wind will swirl the snow around; the temperature is 21 degrees. It looks like a dark earth with patches of white snow.
Mom is home but will get ready for work this afternoon. I feel good and mentally I am fine. I think it is time for a cup of coffee.
I hear the familiar fan sound that our furnace makes when the temperature drops outside plus the trickle of water falling from aquarium pumps. It is quiet and peaceful here at home.
Today is a snow day at school and Monday is a Federal Holiday which makes for a long weekend here in town.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mom's HP Mini

I am writing from mom's HP Mini Laptop, my laptop is being backed up at the moment.
We have cloudy conditions outside and we are supposed to get an inch of snow on the ground by noon as a cold front is moving toward us from St. Louis. At the moment we are on the warm side of the front at 39 Degrees.
It is quiet here at home at the moment and peaceful; Loretta is watching me type on this mini laptop. I am also enjoying a mug of coffee.
Mom is off today and on her desktop computer reading her blogs and news updates. She is well informed as to what is going on.
I had to zoom in on the display to see what I had written.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Good Morning,
It is foggy and 46 degrees outside this morning. Mom is gone to work in a loner; she came back just now and said that a gauge on the dash said that her front tire was low. There is no one open in town at this hour with an air hose, so she can air up her tire at work at the "Oil and Tire Center". She should be fine until then.
Monday we had to go pick up a loner (automobile) while mom's van was worked on at the shop.
Mom got two movies Monday, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"(PG13)  and "Contagion"(PG13). Mom liked "Contagion" the best and I liked the "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" the best. Both we good movies but I have seen movies like "Contagion" before but the "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" was very good at explaining the way the the apes became much more intelligent.
It is quiet and peaceful here at home this morning and still dark out while I drink my first mug of coffee.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On Love, Being Loved and Loving another human being

Good Morning,
Every day I post about the weather here at home; I post that there is peace here at home; I try to convey that wars are not a necessary part of your day; You as a human being have to deliberately be violent after waking from peaceful sleep; Everyday I tell myself that I am awaking to a new time in my life and a new time on the planet we call earth.
It is dark out this morning, mom went back to bed, she is off today. It is 28 degrees outside as I speak.
I watch  great movies about love; mom has her favorites and I have mine. I have been in love most of my life and really aware of love since 1967. My first love was my step sister and I felt very guilty about that at the time; today I know better and I am very happy to have loved her and I am happy she is loved by her family. I was in love with Sylvia on a commune and we departed from each other in love. We have gone separate ways but the love is deep and comforting because when she is happy then so am I. 
I have learned to love mankind, his thoughts, her thoughts. I awaken every morning with a warm feeling of love for the planet as the Garden of Eden.
I have learned to understand that each of us has arisen from the bowels of the planet and we will nourish those bowels when we die; we never leave the planet, we have always been part of the planet.
Love ya,

Monday, January 9, 2012

Good Morning,
I feel good this morning, the planet here at home is at peace.
Good Morning,
We say the sun is up but we that have learned about the movement of the planet and understand how it orbits the sun.
When I take polls they always ask what is more important our economy and a variety of other things or the environment. I always pick the environment because if the planet does not live so goes life on it. I understand that we are selfish creatures and we want only the best for our families.
The industrial revolution has placed the robot in the factory and has displaced tens of millions of human beings without a hint of mercy.
The state of the union is the best example of that as industry has control of less than half the senate, more than half of the house and the supreme court. At the moment industry is trying to buy their way into the presidency and are doing the greatest job getting the propaganda out to replace a human being with a puppet and simultaneously diluting the independent, progressive, liberal and moderate ideals.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Foundation Episode 15

Some folks I know are perfectionists and I saw a video on the web a young perfectionist would understand. It has some foul language in it but you will soon learn the the young man speaking is smart and a perfectionist.
Click on the link above, it is an hour long.

Spanish Missions in Mexico

Good morning,
Mom was up when I got up and she went back to bed. It is still dark outside and the temperature is around 40 degrees.
I am tuning up mom's notebook with the HP automatic tuneup. It "defragments" the drive and looks for programs that make the computer sluggish.
I may do that to this computer sometime after this month.
I have been riding the bike 3 times a day for 10 minutes each time to get my body used to the leg exorcises. I may also bowl on the Wii a bit more. My limit for standing in one place or walking is about a half hour before the back starts sending signals to the brain that my leg is burning. I have to lose some weight to limit the pressure on my back and that will let me stay up longer and walk farther.
I feel good this morning and mentally I am sound.
Mom wants to see, " The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (2011 film) sometime next month.
I started reading, "California Missions" a book my daughter gave me for Christmas. I have family that are Indian who's heritage dates back to the establishment of San Gabriel Mission. My Grandfather is part of the renewal of San Gabriel Mission with his knowledge of adobe building. My heritage dates back to the President of Mexico. California is a part of Mexico. Only political boundaries separate the society of California and Mexico. My sister Sandra is buried at the San Gabriel Mission as well as my Grand Father Pablo and his Wife Natalia.

I nor my father's family ever believed there was a border between California and Mexico.

Origin of the name California

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seven Dwarfs

Good Morning,
Why do I feel hung over this morning?
The earth is seeing some light in this gray overcast morning. I did do one/half hour on my bike yesterday and it did help my restless legs quite a lot. That means I can get on the bike while mom watches TV without her making a fuss at my jumping legs.
I feel good mentally and as I drink my coffee I am getting a better perspective on why my heads feels this way.
Yesterday I played an Long Playing Record on our record player. Those players and records are so sensitive to movement that it is annoying. Those old records need to go on a CD and hopefully we can capture the quality.
I played Scheherazade and it was remarkable at the quality of sound coming from those speakers. CD's and DVD's have no clue or come close to the sound. They have remarkable convenience and last a lot longer than LP's but are no match in the quality of sound. It is a sad trade that we have made for jumping and laughing while the music plays.

I had a dream that mom and Kitten Yarn had asked me the names of the 7 dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs just after watching the movie. After answering 3 or 4 of the names in the question my mind became a space similar to two brackets with a foot long empty light blue space between them and I could only come up with five before seeing the span of light blue clear space.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Grandpa got a reclining bike to ride.
Mom was in a minor fender bender this morning. She is fine and at work at this moment. It was just a 200 yards from home on the back road to town.
Again no one was hurt other than emotions.
I have no photo of her van but the front passenger wheel, fender, light and bumper are damaged. Her vehicle was pushed sideways so there may be frame damage.
Again she is fine and at work.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Morning,
Polly I the cat is playing in the living room, it must be a small  bit of yarn left in the corner of the room.
I have been going over in my head what to get with the gift I received for Christmas. First it was a hard drive for mom, then it was a Kindle for Dennis, yesterday it was two humidifiers for the bedrooms and this morning it is a sit and exercise bike for Tom.
Because I cannot walk or stand very much my body gets restless but I found out some years ago that a reclining bike machine did not hurt me at all (at that time), we will see if I am able to use the machine?  I feel confidant about doing that form of exercise.
The sun is shining outside this morning, mom has been up for some time and cleaned the kitchen floor and cleared the table. She has a Kentucky Federation Convention Meeting this morning here at home.
I am sore but mentally I am fine. I have been watching some of the Bowl games on television this week. It used be just two days of games the Rose Bowl, The Sugar Bowl, The Cotton Bowl, The Orange Bowl and The Sun Bowl. Now we have games spread over two weeks.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Morning,
It is dark outside at this moment, it is 32 degrees out there. Kitten Yarn is still here and today we clean up. Mom goes back to work today and tomorrow we have a convention committee meeting here at home.
I am sore this morning but mentally I am fine.
The girls and younger brother watched "Rango" last night and  I went to bed, I did miss the Sugar Bowl game last night.
Our daughter made several short videos (like the one above) of  our activities during her stay here over the holidays.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good Morning,
It is dark and quiet out this morning and the temperature is only 19 degrees. Brrrr that is cold and that endangers anyone who forgot to wrap their water lines, they will surely freeze. Between our heating ducts and a running spring below us the temperature below our home will stay above freezing; plus I have the pipes wrapped. The cover on the pool will freeze solid enough that our cats will do a little ice skating this winter.
I watched the Rose Parade with the family and then we took the ornaments off the tree, I really did not want to do this before they left but it was our only chance while they were here and it is fun doing that with the kids.
I am sore this morning.
 It is quiet and peaceful here this morning.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Good Morning.
This Morning we get to watch the Rose Parade with the cats,  kids and family. 
I got up early again and had a cup of coffee. I feel good and it is dark outside, 33 degrees and very peaceful.
I think my daughter wants to take the tree down while the kids are here, so they may do that today while the Rose Bowl Football game is on.
Yesterday we played , "Charades". The hard ones were, "Bus", "Soda" and "The Borrowers". The best was "Little Brother" who I took into the bedroom to read his note which said, "Rocking Chair". He proudly came back into the room and said, "Rocking Chair". Wow were we surprised. We all giggled and laughed with tears in our eyes. 
The kids helped grandma make pizza last night.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I went to bed early last night; mom said I missed the new year. I am here, up early this morning (a cat licked my face until I got up) on January 1st 2012.

I feel worn, tired this morning; it is very dark outside as one cat looks out of the window into the darkness.
It may take a moment to gather my senses and assume some type of correct behavior (history and propaganda pours into this brain) Ahhh! I feel the morning and should I thank someone for being awakened early?
In the dark the Holiday lights color my morning;  away from footsteps, computer laptops are under the tree. I think I should make a mug of coffee..
I am drinking coffee to ease the morning sleepiness; I should lay back and nap, let my body work it's magic and awaken with a little more rest.
It is still dark outside, windy and a cool 55 degrees. It is the kind of breeze that chills your bones as it travels through your clothing. It is best to stay indoors or huddle in a shelter. That is why we have beds and comforters.