Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On Love, Being Loved and Loving another human being

Good Morning,
Every day I post about the weather here at home; I post that there is peace here at home; I try to convey that wars are not a necessary part of your day; You as a human being have to deliberately be violent after waking from peaceful sleep; Everyday I tell myself that I am awaking to a new time in my life and a new time on the planet we call earth.
It is dark out this morning, mom went back to bed, she is off today. It is 28 degrees outside as I speak.
I watch  great movies about love; mom has her favorites and I have mine. I have been in love most of my life and really aware of love since 1967. My first love was my step sister and I felt very guilty about that at the time; today I know better and I am very happy to have loved her and I am happy she is loved by her family. I was in love with Sylvia on a commune and we departed from each other in love. We have gone separate ways but the love is deep and comforting because when she is happy then so am I. 
I have learned to love mankind, his thoughts, her thoughts. I awaken every morning with a warm feeling of love for the planet as the Garden of Eden.
I have learned to understand that each of us has arisen from the bowels of the planet and we will nourish those bowels when we die; we never leave the planet, we have always been part of the planet.
Love ya,

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