Sunday, January 1, 2012

I went to bed early last night; mom said I missed the new year. I am here, up early this morning (a cat licked my face until I got up) on January 1st 2012.

I feel worn, tired this morning; it is very dark outside as one cat looks out of the window into the darkness.
It may take a moment to gather my senses and assume some type of correct behavior (history and propaganda pours into this brain) Ahhh! I feel the morning and should I thank someone for being awakened early?
In the dark the Holiday lights color my morning;  away from footsteps, computer laptops are under the tree. I think I should make a mug of coffee..
I am drinking coffee to ease the morning sleepiness; I should lay back and nap, let my body work it's magic and awaken with a little more rest.
It is still dark outside, windy and a cool 55 degrees. It is the kind of breeze that chills your bones as it travels through your clothing. It is best to stay indoors or huddle in a shelter. That is why we have beds and comforters.


  1. Hope that you are feeling better now that it's almost noon for you and the sun has risen and warmed the earth. It's so pretty here today that Jimmy is out on a ride on his bike. The skies are baby blue with a few scattered white fluffy clouds dotting the skies. The sun is not letting anything get in its way today, especially not any old little cloud.
    We stayed home and kissed at the stroke of midnight as is our usual custom. Jimmy watched the ball drop in NYC while I played games on my iPad.
    Hope this new year brings you wealth, health and happiness and if wealth comes to you that you will share it with your sister, as I would gladly share it with you. Please play the lottery for all of our sakes, lol.
    We got a wonderful surprise yesterday as I picked up one of my prescriptions at the drugstore and it was FREE, no charge to me. That makes the second script that I am getting FREE. What's going on? I dare not ask as our nation goes broke.

    Happy New Year to you and Laurel and tell her that Suzanne got a Kindle from Allen & Tina. Suzanne has now joined the ranks of the electronic ones with a new digital camera, new laptop and her Kindle....and to think that it all started with giving her a simple cell phone.

    Love you

  2. Hope you have a great new year, so I'm wishing you and Laurel a Happy 2012! Love, Diane

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  4. Thank you both for your support though the years and if I do win the lottery I will share it with you both. Happy New Year. Love ya

    I spelled "your" wrong so I deleted the post.