Monday, January 9, 2012

Good Morning,
We say the sun is up but we that have learned about the movement of the planet and understand how it orbits the sun.
When I take polls they always ask what is more important our economy and a variety of other things or the environment. I always pick the environment because if the planet does not live so goes life on it. I understand that we are selfish creatures and we want only the best for our families.
The industrial revolution has placed the robot in the factory and has displaced tens of millions of human beings without a hint of mercy.
The state of the union is the best example of that as industry has control of less than half the senate, more than half of the house and the supreme court. At the moment industry is trying to buy their way into the presidency and are doing the greatest job getting the propaganda out to replace a human being with a puppet and simultaneously diluting the independent, progressive, liberal and moderate ideals.

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