Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Morning,
Polly I the cat is playing in the living room, it must be a small  bit of yarn left in the corner of the room.
I have been going over in my head what to get with the gift I received for Christmas. First it was a hard drive for mom, then it was a Kindle for Dennis, yesterday it was two humidifiers for the bedrooms and this morning it is a sit and exercise bike for Tom.
Because I cannot walk or stand very much my body gets restless but I found out some years ago that a reclining bike machine did not hurt me at all (at that time), we will see if I am able to use the machine?  I feel confidant about doing that form of exercise.
The sun is shining outside this morning, mom has been up for some time and cleaned the kitchen floor and cleared the table. She has a Kentucky Federation Convention Meeting this morning here at home.
I am sore but mentally I am fine. I have been watching some of the Bowl games on television this week. It used be just two days of games the Rose Bowl, The Sugar Bowl, The Cotton Bowl, The Orange Bowl and The Sun Bowl. Now we have games spread over two weeks.

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