Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seven Dwarfs

Good Morning,
Why do I feel hung over this morning?
The earth is seeing some light in this gray overcast morning. I did do one/half hour on my bike yesterday and it did help my restless legs quite a lot. That means I can get on the bike while mom watches TV without her making a fuss at my jumping legs.
I feel good mentally and as I drink my coffee I am getting a better perspective on why my heads feels this way.
Yesterday I played an Long Playing Record on our record player. Those players and records are so sensitive to movement that it is annoying. Those old records need to go on a CD and hopefully we can capture the quality.
I played Scheherazade and it was remarkable at the quality of sound coming from those speakers. CD's and DVD's have no clue or come close to the sound. They have remarkable convenience and last a lot longer than LP's but are no match in the quality of sound. It is a sad trade that we have made for jumping and laughing while the music plays.

I had a dream that mom and Kitten Yarn had asked me the names of the 7 dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs just after watching the movie. After answering 3 or 4 of the names in the question my mind became a space similar to two brackets with a foot long empty light blue space between them and I could only come up with five before seeing the span of light blue clear space.

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