Friday, January 20, 2012

I am at War

I am at war with the corporations that can buy air time on TV.
They have turned the country against itself with the old ploy of divide and conquer.
Young against the old.
Rich against the poor.
Big government against no government.
Equal against the non equal.
Working against the unemployed.
Right against the left.
Good health against Obama care.
Black against white.
Legal against non legal.
It does not matter to them as long as they win the battle for the White House.
They want slave labor or non union labor.
They want to dig anywhere they can without regulation.
They want power. Lots of power.
Police power, War power.
Our county was built on balance.
We were told in our preamble that we were the power.
Before we had a United States Constitution most citizens came from countries with Kings.
In today's society those that have money want the power that kings have and they are willing to buy their way into the White House.
They have plenty of our money to buy slick ads on TV.
We see how dictators run their countries.
Look at China and India and see how money has corrupted the corporate powers that build our smart phones and televisions.
Do we want to be taken care of like the Egyption's took care of their slaves that built their pyramids?

All they need is another not to bright puppet in the White House. They had one and lost that power but it felt good and want it again.
They are this close because I heard yesterday some sweet old lady say in town, " I'll be glad when Obama is gone."
She listened to all propaganda.

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