Monday, January 30, 2012

My fare share has been shared. The chaplain punched my ticket

Mom has gone to work this Monday morning. We have blue skies here this morning.
Mom has been driving a loaner while her van has been in the shop. The garage called Friday (we did not see the message until later that night) while we were at the doctors and told that her van was ready.  So we had to wait until today to retrieve her van and return the loaner.
I had a dream that put my emotions on edge; I awoke with a sense of paranoia. It is clear by the dream that my standard of living has fallen and the state of the union does not honor my retirement benefits which were earned and now on the chopping block. My fare share has been shared.
I have called my Congressmen and they said my fare share has been shared and they were not going to honor my 36 years of labor and told me to see the chaplain. The chaplain punched my ticket.

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