Thursday, January 26, 2012

Led Zeppelin - Going To California

Good morning, mom is off and she has a busy day planned. She is going to help our neighbor work on some paperwork via computer.

It is dark outside at this hour and damp 40 degrees. Rain is predicted but we seem to be in a gap so rain is a toss up.
Last night I slept through the night and did not take my midnight medicines until 0430. Which is much later than I normally do.
I noticed that our eldest cat slept through everything yesterday and never budged until late last night. Age does strange things to the elderly.
My computer mouse died on this laptop. Went out in the garage and found a white one that works. It looks like my computer has white bucks. 
Here I am with white bucks.
It is really foggy outside as I speak. During this 1950 time frame boys had purple, chartreuse, orange, brown and blue pants that we wore to school.

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