Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

Today is the only day my wrist watch does not record the correct date; it is calculated to have 28 days in February. This morning it showed me Wednesday March 1. 2012. I had to change it to Wednesday February 29, 2012.

SONAR (SOund Navigation And Ranging)

When I was in the Navy we had a sonar transducer mounted at the bottom of our ship. I was a SONARMAN by my schooling in the Navy. I listen to sounds in the ocean be it the bottom, whales or ships (1959-1962). The work area was behind closed hatches, small and tight; just enough room to stand and turn around. About the size of mom's bathroom


A fast and dangerous storm just went by us; we are fine and mom drove ahead of the storm to work. She is OK.
I watched the storm go by, by listening and by seeing via television and the Internet RADAR ( RAdio Detection And Ranging). The television was off and on and the Internet was a little more helpful as I can place my zip code on the RADAR ( radio detection and ranging) and it will zoom in to our town. I was watching the storm go by Marion and also go by Princeton Walmart Address where mom works.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 I am constantly looking for a rush of words that will bring my emotions to a heightened state of euphoria.
So I read a book;
go out and view the early morning;
scan the Internet.
I am chasing a dream.
I am constantly finding that peace;
that state of being;
that euphoria.
Every morning I awake;
every morning I search.
Sometimes there is a moment where I just see like a child lost in a dream,
" Tomas did you hear me?"
The teacher comes by and says,
“ Tomas did you hear the question?”
Someone please tap my shoulder.
Awaken me from this moment of peace.
Nothing would be done if we all found that moment of peace.
No wars could be fought if we all found that moment of peace.
Some of us can carry that moment thought-out the day.
An aura of bliss carried on our shoulders like a comforting knapsack.
We can dig the weeds;
assemble the work;
draw the painting and write the word.
All we need is the awakening moment;
the reminder;
the warm chill that emanates deep in our being to come forward like the blood that flows to our brain.
We are constantly showing others our moment hoping that they will see it.
Share it be part of it.
It is a good vibration;
a warm movement of blood;
a good state of mind;
it is peace.

Florence Nightingale

Some folks clean up for company; I clean up because I like to work.
Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Walmart Protection Plan

Walmart recently was hacked so they sent my wife a letter asking her to pay for protection. I thought the "City Hoods" did that by going door to door and asking folks for protection or they gonna get hacked.
They said they could protect her for one year then ya gonna pay.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap year: 2012 is a Leap Year

Upcoming Leap Day: 29 February, 2012 (Wednesday).
Monday Morning
Our Internet services were out for about 4 hours this morning; all is well now.
NASCAR delayed the Daytona 500 because of rain Sunday and the Academy Awards; too many folks would have had to have saved the Academy Awards on DVR or saved the Daytona 500 on DVR both options not good since folks want to see both live on there televisions. It is our new spectacular option on the day of the Daytona 500 from NASCAR.
The race is on for tonight at 7pm Eastern Time. It is still raining in Daytona.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Conservative "Fuddie Duddies" in today's atmosphere have mixed old time puritanical religion with economic leadership and gone completely loco.
Today is the Sunday Morning. Tradition tells me that the religions/historians/folklore used this day to reflect on the presence over the earth (god).
How you choose is of a personal taste in mind. Some areas of the planet have no choice.
Conservative "Fuddie Duddies" in today's atmosphere have mixed old time puritanical religion with economic leadership and gone completely loco.
My facebook page is out.
I had to do some research and I found out that my " HTTP Cookies" were the cause (Cookie data can also be illicitly disclosed by hackers to gain access to a victim's web account.) In this case FaceBook.

I removed all the HTTP Cookies from all the accounts except IE (Internet Explorer) where one cookie remained after I removed all the cookies. Of course that was the one that was hacking my account.

I had to download a new copy of IE from Microsoft which overwrote my previous copy with a new clean copy.
That done it cleaned up my FaceBook account.

Grim View of a Nation at the End of Days

If you look for all of the insanity then you will see the insane.
If I was policeman all the folks that I would ever meet were criminals.
If you hang out with nice folks then all you would meet were nice folks.
If you hang out with clown then you would think like a clown.
I had the privileged of meeting and knowing angels in my lifetime and that certainly set a good example in my mind. I am not good but my mind wants to think good.
Etc Etc.
I love art and religious philosophy, I loved the idea of living in peace and creating a place on the planet that is peaceful. My dads father had a place ( his gardens) and my mom's mother had a place ( her mind).

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My facebook page is out.

Standing Still For Peace

Sometimes nothing is said about the morning even though it is same in appearance; how quickly we forget.
Something is new, maybe an attitude is old; how hard is it to see the awakening of this day. This morning it was difficult.
Normal is the word to describe my feeling when I know that this presence is new. Apparently sometimes it is difficult to see.
I always say that I were in jail I would be present and in the place provided and life would be as good as it is here at home. It is a state of being on planet earth.
But this morning I felt haggard and old, dripping with age.
Now I understand but it took awhile.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today is a good morning.
Mom has gone to work and it is the end of the calendar month. This is our normal time of the month to worry about finances. Our tokens are deposited via electronic digits (they can be exchange for money) in the debit column at the first of the month in our local bank.
20 years ago I was asked several times to transfer my funds via direct deposit until they said , " You must!" I did not want it that way; I wanted a check to carry and cash as I wanted. Today the direct deposit works fine.
At first it was coins given to me, then gold certificates, then not gold certificates, then promissory notes and now it is direct deposit with a carry card with password.
At first it was promised coin in exchange for labor, then it was a contract in exchange for labor.
The other day my wife got involved with a United States Manufacturer that hired foreign service to speak to us about product support.
I found it amazing that a company that had it's roots in the United States industrial revolution now had a foreign service that pays 12 dollars a day to help my wife with her product support problems.

I hear the debate that rich folks should pay more taxes. It is not how much they should pay it is who they hire to make those wages. At one time in was the United States labor and now it is foreign labor. That is the tax they should pay.

Do you understand?
United States citizens that work pay United States taxes.
Foreign Labor do not pay United States taxes.


State of the Union Fri, 24 February 2012 - 1st of Adar, 5772

The world leaders have amazing technology at their disposal. The people that that lead have amazing technology at their disposal but they are dependent on their leader to provide it.

The news yesterday said that the United States President had to apologize to a handful of folks that worship a DVD. As I speak they are out in the streets with towels across their faces burning United States Flags. 
2000 years ago Jesus knew god and told us to believe in him. 3500 years ago Moses showed us some rules on a tablet of stone given to him from god. Isn't 5000 years enough time to teach your children to not riot, burn flags or kill someone because you worship a DVD.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

GE Profile GLD7708

Good Morning; it is 50 degrees outside and a comfortable 70 inside.
We got a new dishwasher and my truck brakes fixed this week; mom's defroster on her van is next and then my air conditioner on my truck (it has been out over two year now).
Mom is off today.
I feel good and my mind is clear (not empty). It is colorful, quiet and peaceful here at home; I did hear a school bus moving next door. They are up early every morning getting the buses started and moving to the bus stops before school.
Mom says she had heard all my stories; I am wondering if her twice told stories will be the same as mine. She is up and at the desk top computer in the next room.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

50 degrees at 7am

Wow I am sleepy this morning; I haven't washed the morning from my face or stretched my body yet. We will soon drive my truck to our local garage and have my brakes looked at. We have just had a three day Holiday where the banks, State and Federal offices were closed as well as some manufacturers (our local companies know of no such holidays; they worked like slave this weekend).
It is quiet and peaceful here this morning; we have no bombing raids flying over head in the partly cloudy skies just a Redbird flying to the feeder in this swaying wind.
Mom just said to get dressed so we can move my truck to the garage. I am off to get ready for the garage.
My truck is fixed and runs well.
Mom's back is bothering her; she pulled a muscle a few days ago and it has not healed yet.
I clear my cleaning supplies from under the sink and cleaned the area. I may have some water damage there so I will wait until after the dishwasher is in place before doing any work under there.
I have been helping mom with some NARFE research for her pamphlet.. She is doing a professional job on it. Allison you may have to proof read it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Puppet for President

No news is good news. All the news I am hearing is GOP related.
We have light blue and pink skies and no snow on the ground. The temperature is 23 degrees outside and still.

Today we celebrate George Washington's birthday February 22, 1732
Today we celebrate Abraham Lincoln's birthday February 12, 1809
I am not going to give anyone else more credit than they deserve. The United States wants to honor all presidents today but I am not going to acknowledge one of them as being a President. He is the only president that deserved the title as Puppet of the United States because he was used by the GOP.
The State of the Union Statement of Fact

Sunday, February 19, 2012

No snow here this morning just light rain. Sandy is keeping me updated on Jerry via Diane. Sandy has been under the weather for a least three weeks now. I am worried a little because normally she has been like me where her body handles these things very easily. She says her new medication is causing problems to her immune system (weakening). I pray that her body understands the situation and helps her out without hurting her more.
My brother Jerry needs some room for his scull cap. At the moment his body is doing major repairs with out it. The doctors are letting him rest. We may have to get him a Viking Cap without the horns.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dishes Still Dirty? Blame Phosphate-Free Detergent

It is warmer this morning just ahead of a promised storm; the radar predicts that the storm will travel just below us up toward Louisville and Lexington; there is snow in this winter storm.
We broke down and borrowed some money to replace our dishwasher and to fix the brakes on my truck which were screaming for repair. The only dishwasher mom found here in town is exactly the same dishwasher we had tons of trouble with these last 3 years. I begged her not to get the same model but it was the best of the lot and that is what she chose. Maybe sometimes you get a lemon and the next time you get a pearl. We will see; I hope it has nothing to do with the removal of Phosphates from the detergents. The young lady that sold us the dishwasher said you have to wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. It might be cheaper to hire a an unemployed dishwasher (that's me).

Quote from Cascade:
"Ottusch said that in addition to the decrease in cleaning efficiency, the lack of phosphates in detergents can eventually compromise the dishwasher's parts, and you may start to notice the clogging of spray arms. Bosch's Hutaff said that sediment buildup from the harder water will eventually affect the entire dishwasher hydraulic system.
To help eliminate the added hard water buildup, both experts recommend cleaning your dishwasher monthly with a specially made cleaner such as Dishwasher Magic,; Whirlpool's Affresh,; or Finish Dishwasher Cleaner. Hutaff said consumers with hard water could also consider buying a dishwasher that has a water softening system built in, or even getting a whole-house water softening system to alleviate the problem."

Friday, February 17, 2012

Good Morning,
Mom has gone to work and her van was soaking wet; dew inside and outside her vehicle; her defroster/heater did not seem to solve anything.
It is really foggy outside and the temperature is just 31 degrees; it is questionable as to what is slick on mornings like these. You have to assume that everything black is slick; you never know.
I think I will rest this morning.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good afternoon,
Mom is home today. We bowled a couple of games on the Wii together and mom bowled an extra game. I did great until the top of my thigh started warming up and tingling (my back sign). I also am peddling my machine for longer times. As I lose weight the pressure on my back will ease a little and my muscles will strengthen (back) by using the leg machine. On the machine I started out with three 10 minute sessions (last month); I was at three 15 minute sessions (last week) and last night I got started on 20 minutes. Now I will incorporate the Wii bowling.

Sometimes FaceBook Helps

Tia Juana, Grandma Natalia, and Grandma Ramona

My cousin found this photo of her grandmother (my aunt Ramona) and my grandmother Natalia. She posted it on Facebook and it immediately went to the thank you god file on everyone's Facebook page. The photo is rare. Grandma Natalia was from Durango, Durango Mexico, Grandma Ramona from Colima Mexico.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We are the Elderly of the Nation

I'll send a prayer to my step brother Jerry who had a set back after surgery.
We have rain here this morning, our skies are gray, birds are scampering around the feeders, mostly redbirds and finches. There's are woodpecker.
I look and wonder.
I had a NARFE meeting at noon. Before going to the meeting I had the feeling that our members of our chapter work very hard to make our elderly more comfortable by their concern at our meetings and their life at home. They are all older than I am (I am 70) and they out perform me in their daily lives. Today I thanked them at the meeting for their efforts to be good citizens and their efforts to do their best for NARFE.
We write and call our Congressmen whenever it is needed to voice our concerns. We are the elderly retired of the nation ( I just wrote the president and my congressmen).

Monday, February 13, 2012

What is Social Security? What is Poverty?

 What is Social Security? What is Poverty?
Social Security for me is giving my wife my money and having her take care of me. Social Security is working 36 years for the government and having them pay my pension for it. Social Security is being a slave and having the Government (Pharaoh, Southern White Master) take care of my family for life. Social Security is a small pension from the government.
Poverty is not having anything mentioned above and living by begging for food or clothing. Poverty is working/hunting a area of land for food without pay.

What is Poverty, What is Social Security?

What is Poverty? What is Social Security?
Social Security for me is giving my wife my money and having her take care of me. Social Security is working 36 years for the government and having them pay my pension for it. Social Security is being a slave and having the Government (Pharaoh, Southern White Master) take care of my family for life. Social Security is a small pension from the government.
Poverty is not having anything mentioned above and living by begging for food or clothing. Poverty is working/hunting a area of land for food without pay.

We could not talk out, fly out, drive out or walk out of the ice storm of 2009 Jan.- Feb.

If I wait a few minutes I will be able to see just how cloudy it is outside; as cold as it is and the moisture I sensed I would assume that snow is in our forecast. My coffee maker gave me a half cup of coffee this morning, so I tried again with a different mug and now I have a mug and a 1/4 of coffee after mixing the two together. In that process I stepped outdoors to feed the cats and it was cold (20 degrees) but not as windy as it has been. Punky (or Stinky (prone to fart a lot in his youth )) and George were out there this morning. I think we may have had a large predator out there because the cats out there were hiding and our indoor cats when they went out were extremely cautious and one cat was extremely afraid to be out there. I got the feeling that our outdoor cats feel comfortable now.
It is quiet and peaceful here in our home and now I see a very pink and blue sky out there. Mom is off today and sleeping in. She just walked in and wants to go get some groceries and move her van to the street, she senses snow this afternoon.
In the winter I always carry gloves and a coat that covers my head and a cell phone for those awfully treacherous walks for help. In northern climates I would stay put and now in this elderly stage I should stay put. We do not have a winter brokedown nest in our van. I know we should but we do not. We survived the ice a few years back as did the whole of Western Kentucky. It was three days before word got out that Western Kentucky was isolated. We could not talk out, fly out, drive out or walk out of the ice storm of 2009 Jan.- Feb.
During the ice  I wrote by hand and I did not post the days on this computer; they are on a tablet. I wrote a little every day.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys

Today seems like a good day to reflect on why you are here.
Today is the Sun Day (Sunday). Suns are hot and they give off a tremendous amount of heat, energy and light. There impulse and magnetic fields hold planets in orbit. Our planet earth is warmed by our sun; our sun keeps our water flowing and falling toward our own magnetic field; life on our planet has evolved to us. The statue at left best illustrates us.
Good Morning is a nice salutation in our world of words; a cat expressive herself with a rub against my leg; our cats have choices to make daily and most love the warmth of our home. Hey the earth has turned enough to see the daylight, mild pink and blue skies, skeletons of trees, electrical wires and bird feeders, red and green roofs.
Who needs our thoughts? We as a community can sway emotion by prayer, some of our radiations are strong. Today is the day we can reflect on those vibrations, rest our bodies and renew our sinew.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Good Morning,
It is very windy outside with a wind chill in the 10 degree area; the actual temperature is about 20 degrees. Mom is getting ready for work and it is dark outside. It is quiet and peaceful here this Saturday Morning. I moved the air pumps under the aquarium so I do hear them as they vibrate against the wood frame below them. 
Kentucky plays basketball tonight and NASCAR races next week; daylight is showing and I see clouds to our south.
I feel very good and mom's new medication seems to work very well. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

She Lost Her Crown

Yesterday we went to Paducah. Mom had a eye doctors appointment. We spent two hours in their office (emergency) something unknown to us but properly taken care of (two hour delay).
After that we went shopping for basic supplies.
Our electronic dishwasher is kaput so I do the dishes. We were going to see one (dishwasher) yesterday but the two hour delay postponed that. We now have a to do list for my red truck plus the thought of a new dishwasher. All put on hold because it is sound economics in today's environment. Our home will be paid for and another loan will be done by the end of the year so we can live more comfortably for two weeks after that. We are behind on birthdays too.

Anyway we are sound of mind and I saw a rat on TV build a nest so Alzheimer's may be a distant thought away.
Mice using what is available to build a nest.
The cluttered nest is before the drug (forgotten use of tissue (Alzheimer's)) and the neat and understood nest is a remembered use of tissue.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Morning,
We have partly cloudy skies in this area of the planet earth.
I cleaned part of our fish tank yesterday as well as feeding the birds outside, fixed our door knob and fixed our blinds to accommodate cats. I stayed very busy plus my normal chores.
It is quiet and peaceful here in this area of the planet. At one time in the past the Indians used to attack the settlers but the Indians were wiped out as well as the bears, eagles, large cats (mountain lions and panthers) and buffalo.
I told mom about two weeks ago that we had a bald female Redbird (cardinal) and she did not believe me until yesterday afternoon when she saw her at the feeder; she, the redbird was apparently scalped by nature or cat.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Morning,
Mom has gone to work this morning. Daylight is just now showing outside our large slider in our dining area. At one time there was just a small window there and no door on that wall. At that time there was no deck. To go outside we had to enter the garage which had a back door and a garage door. Normally to get to the back yard we had to walked around the house. Today the deck, dining room and living room are all one large area. We like the idea of bringing the outdoors in, indoors out.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It is 28 degrees outside this morning. It is still dark out, the weather folks say it is clear outside, it is yo dark to see out there.
Mom is off and wants to clean the fish tank today, we washed clothes and bedding yesterday.
The heating fan is blowing and the water is falling and it is peaceful.
One of the first things that was accomplished by our computer minds was to create a nice Kaleidoscope and the tradition continues with the sample below in my older post.
Today is trash day in this area of town and our trash goes to the street tonight for pickup during the night.

Monday, February 6, 2012


This is a Game Between Two Teams.
The Propaganda and Hype was Absurd.

Good Morning,
Mom is off work today and she did watch the Super Bowl Halftime show. I watched the game and I did see that the players did get sucked up in the hype of the festivities. I was rooting for New York and the way they won was a little.......DUH? The Giants started out better then New England, then New England did some great things and then the Giants came back and .... DUH?

Madonna was as professional and a trooper.
We have overcast skies with temperatures in the mid 30's, it is quiet and peaceful here at home.
Yesterday morning I replaced my Windows 7 with a new copy of Windows 7. I cleared my hard drive of ,"Windows.old" files. This morning I will find duplicates and keep just 3 of each.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Navigation Information Connection website.

Good Morning,
Some mornings you wake up tired and today for me this is one of them. Mom is getting ready for work and I plan to just rest.
Today I watch the Superbowl and some of the hype.
It is peaceful and quiet here at home. I am having a mug of coffee. Last night I had a Bud and mom had a Miller Light.
I have two cats that come while I type and ask to be, "petted" on the head. One is our pizza kitty, "Poly I" and the other is, "Loretta". Loretta just left to find a place to wash up and nap.
I think I will surf the Net and see what the rivers are doing? The rivers are high and steady and will start to fall very slowly.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Being Thankful

Mom is working at Walmart and because of that we are still paying for services rendered, water, electricity, streets, police protection, fire department, schools, library, gas, natural gas, community stores, the Internet, telephone and satellite TV. If she were not working we would be living on my pension and that is only half of what we need for these services. I have no trouble living in poverty but mom loves all those things mentioned above so because of her effort we have those services rendered for a price.
Walmart does take advantage of mom's age but not her mind so they have to deal with her as she is. She is hard and tough, clean, smart, competitive, always right and works hard. Walmart is not thankful for her service because that is not in the formula they maintain. They should make her a walk around and see that things are done right person. Her formula works because she can walk around and gossip with the employees and have a great time with them but if she sees something wrong there is hell to pay and it will be fixed immediately. It is easier to keep the place working properly that to deal with mom's wrath.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Morning,
Mom is off today and I am retired from a nine to five work schedule. I work but it is mainly volunteering, household chores and exercise.
We have heavy pink clouds and daylight in our Friday morning sky (red sky in the morning, sailor take warning).
 It quiet and peaceful in our home. I hear the familiar fan, water fall and a school bus warming up. There is no frost this morning and I see the dormant trees without leaves on the southern horizon.
I had a regular Bud last night to see if there was any difference between the Miller Light and the Bud, I found none. Mom had a Bud and seemed uncomfortable with it and went to bed, I had finished my Bud and felt fine then went to bed.
I have been talking to Sandy almost every night since cell phones charge differently. She is just now getting over the flu or cold (I can never distinguish the difference) and she does miss the family, they normally drop over daily at her home with Jimmy. Her sickness has kept them away for almost two weeks.
I have been promising to fill the bird feeders but the weather is so nice the birds can pick and choose off the ground, no frozen hard surfaces or snow depths to deal with. I guess I can clean a feeder or two. The winter suet is also gone.
After this post I will go to FaceBook and see what is happening with my friends and family. We have different types of posts: 1. Posts like mine which start from a computer and surf my friends listings and links. 2. Posts, photos that come from iPhones and smart phones. 3. iPad Posts which I cannot define because I do not know.
I gave up on Google+ and strictly use Gmail as my letter carrier . If anyone wants to get a reflection of my being then this Blog and Facebook can do the job nicely.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It is late in the day and I have been working on the Application below. In Microsoft Office 2007 it works great but in Microsoft Office 2003 it does not look or feel the same. I need to go to mom's computer and create it there on her Microsoft Office 2003 Suite instead of using Microsoft Office 2007.
We have mostly clear skies outside. Mom and I went to Morganfield to get a ink cartridge for our HP printer. Our HP Printer is one of the Ace's of  HP printers (HP 970CES INKJET PRINTER) ; the cartridges last quite a while and the printer is worth using without any hassle. Mom also likes Morganfield because we can make a beer run. Yes this is something new for us as I have been a teetotaler for quite a while now.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Downloadable NARFE Fill In Application

Good Morning,
Mom is gone to work and I did and I am doing some work on the Kentucky NARFE Web Site last night and this morning.
It is daylight and cloudy here in town and quiet.
The school buses are leaving the school bus garage and heading to their routes in our county.
Today I will  put food out for the birds.
We have a boil water order from the city, some body broke a water main. It was fixed in a couple of hours (pretty quick). I did see a big hole, six car hole where the 4 white posts are in this photo. I saw the hole while I was doing some chores in town. The red station in the photo was leveled two weeks ago; it will be replaced with a new bigger market/station in the same location.
It is pouring outside, no thunder just tons of water.
Today I created a Mircosoft Doc NARFE Fill In Application Form.

Here is the link but do not Click it unless you want the form downloaded on your computer.