Saturday, February 4, 2012

Being Thankful

Mom is working at Walmart and because of that we are still paying for services rendered, water, electricity, streets, police protection, fire department, schools, library, gas, natural gas, community stores, the Internet, telephone and satellite TV. If she were not working we would be living on my pension and that is only half of what we need for these services. I have no trouble living in poverty but mom loves all those things mentioned above so because of her effort we have those services rendered for a price.
Walmart does take advantage of mom's age but not her mind so they have to deal with her as she is. She is hard and tough, clean, smart, competitive, always right and works hard. Walmart is not thankful for her service because that is not in the formula they maintain. They should make her a walk around and see that things are done right person. Her formula works because she can walk around and gossip with the employees and have a great time with them but if she sees something wrong there is hell to pay and it will be fixed immediately. It is easier to keep the place working properly that to deal with mom's wrath.

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