Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Morning,
Mom is off today and I am retired from a nine to five work schedule. I work but it is mainly volunteering, household chores and exercise.
We have heavy pink clouds and daylight in our Friday morning sky (red sky in the morning, sailor take warning).
 It quiet and peaceful in our home. I hear the familiar fan, water fall and a school bus warming up. There is no frost this morning and I see the dormant trees without leaves on the southern horizon.
I had a regular Bud last night to see if there was any difference between the Miller Light and the Bud, I found none. Mom had a Bud and seemed uncomfortable with it and went to bed, I had finished my Bud and felt fine then went to bed.
I have been talking to Sandy almost every night since cell phones charge differently. She is just now getting over the flu or cold (I can never distinguish the difference) and she does miss the family, they normally drop over daily at her home with Jimmy. Her sickness has kept them away for almost two weeks.
I have been promising to fill the bird feeders but the weather is so nice the birds can pick and choose off the ground, no frozen hard surfaces or snow depths to deal with. I guess I can clean a feeder or two. The winter suet is also gone.
After this post I will go to FaceBook and see what is happening with my friends and family. We have different types of posts: 1. Posts like mine which start from a computer and surf my friends listings and links. 2. Posts, photos that come from iPhones and smart phones. 3. iPad Posts which I cannot define because I do not know.
I gave up on Google+ and strictly use Gmail as my letter carrier . If anyone wants to get a reflection of my being then this Blog and Facebook can do the job nicely.

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