Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Downloadable NARFE Fill In Application

Good Morning,
Mom is gone to work and I did and I am doing some work on the Kentucky NARFE Web Site last night and this morning.
It is daylight and cloudy here in town and quiet.
The school buses are leaving the school bus garage and heading to their routes in our county.
Today I will  put food out for the birds.
We have a boil water order from the city, some body broke a water main. It was fixed in a couple of hours (pretty quick). I did see a big hole, six car hole where the 4 white posts are in this photo. I saw the hole while I was doing some chores in town. The red station in the photo was leveled two weeks ago; it will be replaced with a new bigger market/station in the same location.
It is pouring outside, no thunder just tons of water.
Today I created a Mircosoft Doc NARFE Fill In Application Form.

Here is the link but do not Click it unless you want the form downloaded on your computer.

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