Monday, February 6, 2012

This is a Game Between Two Teams.
The Propaganda and Hype was Absurd.

Good Morning,
Mom is off work today and she did watch the Super Bowl Halftime show. I watched the game and I did see that the players did get sucked up in the hype of the festivities. I was rooting for New York and the way they won was a little.......DUH? The Giants started out better then New England, then New England did some great things and then the Giants came back and .... DUH?

Madonna was as professional and a trooper.
We have overcast skies with temperatures in the mid 30's, it is quiet and peaceful here at home.
Yesterday morning I replaced my Windows 7 with a new copy of Windows 7. I cleared my hard drive of ,"Windows.old" files. This morning I will find duplicates and keep just 3 of each.

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