Tuesday, June 30, 2015

" How well wold we do without the Internet Service?"

Good Morning,
I feel good this morning mentally and physically. It is 70 degrees outside and inside our home. Someone asked the question, " How well would we do without the Internet Service? "Well we did just fine during the Ice Storm. Click Here.

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Right to Choose

I realized in the 1960's that one way to not have children in this violent world was to be gay. I realized that a lot of folks thought that way. If you did not get pregnant then the world population would not increase. A lot of folks have made that choice.
When I married I did not want children because I did not want children growing up on a violent planet. Laurel Rose's choice was to have children. I have no regrets and I changed my point of view. But I still understood why some folks became gay.

Mowing, Pool Cleaning and Swimming

Good Morning,
68 degrees this morning, that is warmer than the cool north winds that just past our area. It is now blowing from the south west.
I feel good this morning, mentally and physically.
11:15 AM
I just mowed the grasses and after lunch I will clean the pool; I missed doing it yesterday, too cool and my day of rest. The grasses were tall at 5" this morning and I mowed the grasses down to 2 3/4"; that is where my lawn tractor recommends for my mower. I checked the pool and it is just right for swimming.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

4 Seasons

On a cool morning we go to the pot bellied stove and talk; today in North America on average most folks have a warm home on a cool morning like this.
Where I live it is hard to live outdoors year around, so we are dependent on heated home and air conditioned homes. I never saw the 4 seasons until I moved to Kentucky in the early 60's; I was in my early 20's. I found the 4 seasons remarkable.

God Rested on the 7th Day

Good Morning,
56 degrees here at home this morning. That is pretty cool start for a summer morning. Mom is up and at her computer; I just got up at 05:00 AM.
I worked pretty hard yesterday washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning the pool and fixing the fence around our air Conditioner. After I came in I had to nap as my body said, "Rest Cowboy". After that mom and I ate, watched a movie then went back out and just relaxed in the pool and then it cooled down; we saw the neighbors flag blowing cool air from the north.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Good Morning,
Mom and I went to Paducah, Kentucky to see our grand daughter perform at her music camp. She was in her age group band and the Jazz Band. I think mom and Allison recorded the performances.
I enjoyed watching our grand daughter play in the Jazz Band which was really good. One of the surprises at the camp was the fiddling. When we saw the violins going on stage we thought the orchestra was setting up but it turned out to be the Fiddle Performances.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Pavlov and Grandpa

I have learned a lot in my time on this planet and one thing I learned is that our minds do a lot of good things. Most folks learn to use their senses and the storage capacity of the brain is used in schools to teach children useful knowledge.
Grandpa has taken that step one place further and like a starfish replacing a limb or a some other creature replacing a tail. I use the brain as best I can; at this point in time I only ask or suggest that my brain work normally and help me internally; to function as best it can and make good repairs without doing me any harm. The body does this normally and we see it when cuts heal. There are ways to help the brain and one of them is sleep. Other times we can just sit and feel the blood pump when it is working very hard (some of those times are painful). The brain seems to manage the inner workings of our bodies plus storing knowledge. I like the idea of me and my brain working together to solve inner problems as best it can without hurting me. At one point in time there was growth and that seemed to stop. I am not sure if those tools are gone with age or are still there just sitting and in storage. Whatever we have tools to use inside our bodies and if we give our brain time it will help us.

Norman Vincent Peale

Ivan Pavlov


Philosophy of religion

Sine Wave

Good Morning,
Have you ever been pulled in too many directions at the same time. I have met folks like that in the past and in my mind felt that way. I have not felt that way for a long time but I know some folks feel that way.
70 degrees outside and about the same inside. It is very cloudy out there and I think we are in for rain today.
I feel good this morning and mom went to the doctor yesterday and removed a small bump on her right elbow.
Being in Love
Once you have felt that way it never goes away. You can be together or separated the feeling is always the same. Love travels through your body and travels over the airwaves. It makes your life good and it is always there. 
Folks can ride an emotional roller coaster but knowing that deep in there there is love; it settles the mind.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Doctor Visit and Pool

Good Morning,
We went to Clarksville TN to see mom's doctor and everything worked well and the doctor liked what he saw.
I took the cover off the pool as it is going to be very hot in the pool if I keep it on. Algae grows fast in weather like this so we will have to keep after it. Because we were out of town yesterday we did not go into the pool yesterday. In this type of weather I have to go in the pool at least 4 times a week to clean it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Good Morning
Our cats came in after a night of prowling they can sleep comfortably without some creature stalking them inside. But they lose their edge so they return outside sometimes to regain that edge. Loretta has a boy friend "George" but sometimes he gets tired of defending her so he scoots her in so he can relax a little.
We both went swimming yesterday and the pool was really warm, maybe too warm.I will take the cover off tonight.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Doing Some Cleaning

Good Afternoon
We spent the morning cleaning the pool it was filthy after all the rains and not being in it. You have to be in the pool daily to keep it clean.
I feel good mentally and physically.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Watched Too Much TV Eyes

Good Morning,
We spent the day indoors watching an old TV Series called ,"The Killing" on Netflix. Our son called from San Diego to wish me a Happy Fathers Day and our Daughter posted a nice Fathers Day Photo Collages on Face Book. 
I feel good mentally and physically even though I walked into the kitchen to do something and I did not know why I went in there, I took a few more steps and I knew why I was there; mom and I laughed and joke about it ( theme from Twilight Zone ).
I went out and moved my brush pile. The last time I mowed I did not move it and it looked shabby this morning; so I mowed a place to put it and moved the pile. Now I just wait a bit until the grasses are drier and then I will mow. It has rained over 2 inches since I last mowed so it will be thick grasses that I cut to 3 inches. I needed the rest after moving the brush pile: I am not the mule I used to be.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Who decided about God?"

I heard the question, "Who decided about God?" After giving it some thought I realized that sometime in the past a cave man the saw the reflection of the sun going down over the and said, "OH GWAD" and smiled and the lovely lady sitting next to him.

Soltice and Equinox




Fathers Day

Good Morning,
I measured 2 inches of rain in our rain gauge yesterday and I will look out there and see if there is more right now. 1/8 of an inch in it this morning.
We spent the day yesterday watching TV. It drizzles all day and the pool was below 80 degrees. I covered it yesterday late (4 or 5).
I feel good this morning.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Cherry and Early Girl

Good Morning,
While the kids were here my daughter bought me some tomato plants for "Fathers Day" so Eliana and Talon helped me plant them; four out back in the middle of a straw pile and one up front by our "Dog House (cat house)". It is a climber so I went and got a trellis and put it near the tomato plant. I was worried that the deer would eat the tomato plants out back but so far they are still OK. It rained last night really good so I know that the tomato plants have plenty of water.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Engine and Tires

Good Morning,
Everyone is up early this morning; Allison and the children are here to visit as mom needs to take her car in and have it tuned up. Mom says there is something wrong because it misses and the steering vibration is a need for new tires all around and a wheel alignment. One fix is costly and the other is very costly.
I went swimming last night with the kids after they arrived here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Air Filtered, Air Conditioned

Good Morning,
I am going to mow today after the grasses dry a bit; it has rained every day this week but not for long (summer shower). The flowers, trees and plants are green and blossoming. Everything is clear and clean this morning. The cats love the nights outside and the relaxed attitude inside. Plus some love the air conditioned air; I know my body loves the air condition air.
I feel good this morning mentally and physically. I will go out after a bit and level and check my Lawn Tractor then mow.
When I worked at Dam #50 1968-1980 and at Smithland 1980-1985 I mowed outside; (at Smithland they changed to a contractor sometime in the late 1980's); anyway mowing outside all day for several days at a time was hard on my nose, eyes and skin, my skin itched, my eyes watered and filled with pollen and I sneezed constantly trying to remove the particles from my head internally. Plus my rosacea would get out of hand on my face and arms. Today when I mow I wear a back belt plus a long sleeve sweatshirt and glasses (that is one of the reasons for the glasses in the beginning).
Having an air conditioned home makes all the difference in the world for me as I have time to recover now when I mow and work outside.
The Pool makes life a bit nicer when you suffer with pollen.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Clearing An Area

Good Morning,
It is a pleasant early Monday Morning in Western Kentucky. Everything is green and that means all the green foliage is producing oxygen. I feel good mentally and physically which is good. We have two exorcise bicycles in our living area, we are in the process of throwing junk away and clearing a spot for them in our computer room. It is slowly being done between swims in the pool and mowing.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Flowers On a Sun Day Sunday

Hosta Displayed

Noise Reduction

Good Morning,
It is a very nice day out there; I stepped out this morning to view the early morning day light hour of this day and I was surprised at home full the grasses, flowers and trees are; the birds were singing very loud and yes I can hear the sound of electricity traveling through the wire this morning. I have my own Dolby noise reduction system because when I went out to view the morning I heard nothing but the birds. I have to get mom her own internal pain management system so that she can view the day without pain. I did post about how the mind and how it can deal with functions inside our body's.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Nice Post

Good Morning,
We did go swimming yesterday and it was just right; it will be better today. I staked the tomato plants again as they we too heavy for the stake they had. I do feel good this morning mentally and physically. We only have two Cherry Tomato plants up in front of our home. Our garden spot is not where they are at; as that spot is to ideal for the local deer. That photo is a stock photo, that deer is not in our garden.
We just got out of the pool at 1300 and it started raining; a few mild showers and as I was putting on the solar cover it started raining stronger and then it stormed and now it is raining steady at 1415.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Spray Potent Stuff

I normally do no use chemicals outdoors but indoors my wife does not like bugs so I sprayed for bugs in the past. I have not done so in the last two years but we find dead bugs that come in from under the house. As soon as they reach the points that I sprayed two or more years ago they go flip and die. Now our spiders do not die as they are up on the walls. I thought they were wolf spiders but no they are jumping spiders that inhabit our home on occasion. Anyway the bug killer is still active even though I have washed the floors several hundred times in the last few years; potent stuff.

Pool Chores

Good Morning,
Mom and I did a few chores  in town yesterday then we went swimming two times during the day. The first time we cleaned the pool the second we relaxed.
The pool seems balanced but is still a little hazy but that should clear up with the continued cleaning.
I feel good mentally and physically and I continue to think about how to improve my way of life and continue to feel good. I am always trying to reassure the mind and to remind my self that my brain runs the functions of my body so I ask myself (my brain)  how do I improve my internal being and keep the work load balanced so that everyone indoors (within myself) can do a good job without being overloaded and still be healthy.
We just got out of the pool and mom is fixing lunch and I am breaking boxes and consolidated our flat boxes in the garage. I also cleaned off the blue sitting exercise bike and I will bring it into Eli's room for me to use while mom uses the recumbent Bike

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pool Time

One of the perks of being "Laurel Rose's Pool Guy" 
is that I get to swim in the pool after I clean it up.


Good Morning,
Mom and I went into the pool yesterday, we cleaned and then just relaxed in the pool. We talked of how expensive it is to maintain a pool. We have been maintaining this pool for 10 years now. I asked her if that was too expensive and she said no we need the pool and enjoy it.
I did some maintenance on the Lawn Tractor then I went to town and got some small engine gas, then mowed our grasses yesterday. This morning I feel good no head ache, no anxiety, I feel great mentally and physically.
I stop and think, say a prayer, I must realize that I am standing in the place provided. I think about where she is at, somewhere on the planet, I know where my family is except my mother, she is here on the planet as dust, decay, as part of a tree whatever, in my mind she is seen mentally as part of me, my being, my prayer. I do this every morning, that is my profession, my being , my saying "Good Morning".
Did you know that I am qualified enough to stand up like Jesus or the Pope and bless this planet! We can stand still and hold a candle and the world around us will be illuminated. We can stand still without a candle and our body will work internally and create an aura of warmth around us; our halo.
We can pick up the candle or we can leave it behind but it is difficult to remove the aura that surrounds us. That fact that I speak about it creates some kind of incarnation of existence. If you put your hands together like a prayer you will feel the warmth that is in your body. There is no need to complicate your thought just be in the moment that you are. If you need a list write it on your smartphone and glance at it from time to time.

The delicate realm of being, wrapped in ones skin.
Your careful to caress the emotions of others.
To coax comfort.
To sway being across the mind.
The pleasant hello.
Swell the ego with love and comfort and let them walk free.
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Good Morning,
Most men are explorers; I am not sure whether today's youth will want to leave the planet or go to unexplored areas of the earth.
The headache I am feeling is making me feel overwhelmed; to me this is not normal but from experience I know I will get over it. I still know that I am here and that the world will be here below the bottoms of my feet. The sun is shinning in my eyes like an interrogation. I still hear the ringing in my ears and the quiet of morning. No bird sounds just maybe a motor spinning and pumping water. The emotion makes it feel eerie.
There is a place on this planet that is peaceful and it is here even though my emotion is out of kilter.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sending Love Over the Planet Earth

In this, on the planet earth, there is someone to be loved and cared for. It is not always easy to say, “I love you” so it is my custom to send the word out to all women that there is somebody to love and that someone cares.

Eric Clapton

77 Degrees

Good Morning,
That is warm for 05;30 in the morning; there is rain just off to our west and that front will cool thing off, well keep it from getting to hot.
I feel good this morning mentally and physically. I did have a dream about health and I awoke before things got out of hand. The good thing is that I can awake otherwise things get out of hand.
Mom made biscuits and gravy yesterday morning and enchiladas yesterday evening and yes I gained a pound this morning on the scale.
I drained the pool again yesterday; I can only drain a foot at a time but I have to drain at least 2/3  of the water before it is back in balance. It is a problem with Stabilizers/Conditioners. Click here to view video on high levels of pool Conditioners.
What I need to put in the pool is the product above which is Calcium Hypochlorite (photo at left) and if I need to raise the Stabilizers/Conditioners then I use Dichlor Chlorine (photo below Click here to view this video).

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Conservative and Cheap

Good Morning,
How long have I lived in an environment that is good for my thoughts and good health? I would say 74 years but I do have to clarify my thoughts as saying that I was unaware of my environment for 26 years.
The United States is protected by the Constitution and vigilant military surrounding the area called the United States.
Lately it has become porous because of the conservative control of thought and the way they dilute the military strength of the country by fighting on foreign soils and by being very cheap. Today you can just about see through a diamond.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

I had to empty the pool as it was so out of balance that it would not behave and it became a chemical nightmare. I am learning who to trust and who not to trust when it comes to pool chemicals. They all tell the truth but if you are like me you forget to read the subtle differences. They "All they can do" or "We can-do it all in a package" are my worst enemies as they add what they want and it causes chaos in whatever I do. The pool is about empty and I am going to fill it with water now.

Goodwill to Me

Good Morning,
This is another morning that I have nothing relevant to say. It is quiet here at home, there are no missiles flying overhead. Neighbors are behaving and children are children. Work is being done professionally at work and in quiet homes. Peace on earth is a quest even though the planet has been at war for at least 6000 years. Is it a plan to keep  the war fires burning there and not here? I think the war mongers are getting rich and paying off citizens with bonds and retirement funds. Keep them slaughtering the poor overseas and keep the money coming in.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Pool Time

I have to go uncover the pool as I have to clean it today; no matter what the temperature is?

Happy Birthday Allison

Good Morning,
It is very nice outside this morning; it is a very special day today as it is our daughters birthday.
Allison and her children, she had her leg up, she is OK.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Talon is Eight Years Old

Good Morning,
It is 55 degrees outside this morning and it looks cloudy. It is quiet here this morning and I am not going to entertain you with this blog. it is posted here to tell you that in a world of turmoil our home is peaceful with the normal family spats and gleeful smiles and good cheers. Allison and her eldest son Talon who just turned 8 years old yesterday and has the missing teeth of an 8 year old (All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth look).

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Good Morning,
No dreams last night and that made me feel better. Today it is cool about 60 degrees outside and about 73 inside our home. It is quiet and peaceful here at home. Our community obeys the laws of the country we live in. We have no need to overthrow the country, we can vote them out. I know that they have corrupted the way we elect congressman but we can slowly evolve back to what is good.
Congress is purposely slow but it can still be changed. Congressman do realize that money has corrupted our system and that can change, but it is they who must change it back or make it better.
They compromised Sunday to keep them out of our hair so to speak.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Slow Motion

Good Morning,
I had a dream last night that what I was seeing was loading in slow and not to complete motion as in the photo below. The example in the dream was a table not quite loading. As if everything moved up from the bottom very slowly. It loaded but not like we normally see it.
It is raining outside not hard but cold and very wet. How cold 60 degrees.
I have read six or seven books since mom bought me my tablet. I raise the size of the text so it is suitable for my eyes to view the letters comfortably. That works fine. I am reading a book now where the writer takes you on mental journeys in a normal day in a mystery. Not in a vivid variant type of text but in what is happening around the person of interest. In our older books this was quite evident before color video motion pictures.