Thursday, June 11, 2015


Good Morning,
Mom and I went into the pool yesterday, we cleaned and then just relaxed in the pool. We talked of how expensive it is to maintain a pool. We have been maintaining this pool for 10 years now. I asked her if that was too expensive and she said no we need the pool and enjoy it.
I did some maintenance on the Lawn Tractor then I went to town and got some small engine gas, then mowed our grasses yesterday. This morning I feel good no head ache, no anxiety, I feel great mentally and physically.
I stop and think, say a prayer, I must realize that I am standing in the place provided. I think about where she is at, somewhere on the planet, I know where my family is except my mother, she is here on the planet as dust, decay, as part of a tree whatever, in my mind she is seen mentally as part of me, my being, my prayer. I do this every morning, that is my profession, my being , my saying "Good Morning".
Did you know that I am qualified enough to stand up like Jesus or the Pope and bless this planet! We can stand still and hold a candle and the world around us will be illuminated. We can stand still without a candle and our body will work internally and create an aura of warmth around us; our halo.
We can pick up the candle or we can leave it behind but it is difficult to remove the aura that surrounds us. That fact that I speak about it creates some kind of incarnation of existence. If you put your hands together like a prayer you will feel the warmth that is in your body. There is no need to complicate your thought just be in the moment that you are. If you need a list write it on your smartphone and glance at it from time to time.

The delicate realm of being, wrapped in ones skin.
Your careful to caress the emotions of others.
To coax comfort.
To sway being across the mind.
The pleasant hello.
Swell the ego with love and comfort and let them walk free.
Have a nice day.

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