Friday, June 26, 2015

Pavlov and Grandpa

I have learned a lot in my time on this planet and one thing I learned is that our minds do a lot of good things. Most folks learn to use their senses and the storage capacity of the brain is used in schools to teach children useful knowledge.
Grandpa has taken that step one place further and like a starfish replacing a limb or a some other creature replacing a tail. I use the brain as best I can; at this point in time I only ask or suggest that my brain work normally and help me internally; to function as best it can and make good repairs without doing me any harm. The body does this normally and we see it when cuts heal. There are ways to help the brain and one of them is sleep. Other times we can just sit and feel the blood pump when it is working very hard (some of those times are painful). The brain seems to manage the inner workings of our bodies plus storing knowledge. I like the idea of me and my brain working together to solve inner problems as best it can without hurting me. At one point in time there was growth and that seemed to stop. I am not sure if those tools are gone with age or are still there just sitting and in storage. Whatever we have tools to use inside our bodies and if we give our brain time it will help us.

Norman Vincent Peale

Ivan Pavlov


Philosophy of religion

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