Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Air Filtered, Air Conditioned

Good Morning,
I am going to mow today after the grasses dry a bit; it has rained every day this week but not for long (summer shower). The flowers, trees and plants are green and blossoming. Everything is clear and clean this morning. The cats love the nights outside and the relaxed attitude inside. Plus some love the air conditioned air; I know my body loves the air condition air.
I feel good this morning mentally and physically. I will go out after a bit and level and check my Lawn Tractor then mow.
When I worked at Dam #50 1968-1980 and at Smithland 1980-1985 I mowed outside; (at Smithland they changed to a contractor sometime in the late 1980's); anyway mowing outside all day for several days at a time was hard on my nose, eyes and skin, my skin itched, my eyes watered and filled with pollen and I sneezed constantly trying to remove the particles from my head internally. Plus my rosacea would get out of hand on my face and arms. Today when I mow I wear a back belt plus a long sleeve sweatshirt and glasses (that is one of the reasons for the glasses in the beginning).
Having an air conditioned home makes all the difference in the world for me as I have time to recover now when I mow and work outside.
The Pool makes life a bit nicer when you suffer with pollen.

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