Friday, June 12, 2015

Pool Chores

Good Morning,
Mom and I did a few chores  in town yesterday then we went swimming two times during the day. The first time we cleaned the pool the second we relaxed.
The pool seems balanced but is still a little hazy but that should clear up with the continued cleaning.
I feel good mentally and physically and I continue to think about how to improve my way of life and continue to feel good. I am always trying to reassure the mind and to remind my self that my brain runs the functions of my body so I ask myself (my brain)  how do I improve my internal being and keep the work load balanced so that everyone indoors (within myself) can do a good job without being overloaded and still be healthy.
We just got out of the pool and mom is fixing lunch and I am breaking boxes and consolidated our flat boxes in the garage. I also cleaned off the blue sitting exercise bike and I will bring it into Eli's room for me to use while mom uses the recumbent Bike

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