Monday, June 22, 2015

Watched Too Much TV Eyes

Good Morning,
We spent the day indoors watching an old TV Series called ,"The Killing" on Netflix. Our son called from San Diego to wish me a Happy Fathers Day and our Daughter posted a nice Fathers Day Photo Collages on Face Book. 
I feel good mentally and physically even though I walked into the kitchen to do something and I did not know why I went in there, I took a few more steps and I knew why I was there; mom and I laughed and joke about it ( theme from Twilight Zone ).
I went out and moved my brush pile. The last time I mowed I did not move it and it looked shabby this morning; so I mowed a place to put it and moved the pile. Now I just wait a bit until the grasses are drier and then I will mow. It has rained over 2 inches since I last mowed so it will be thick grasses that I cut to 3 inches. I needed the rest after moving the brush pile: I am not the mule I used to be.

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